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China Visa Application Form
All foreign nationals need a valid China visa to enter People’s Republic of China (also known as Mainland China). To complete China visa application, please download the instructions below. For details, visit Passport & China Visa.

Click "Yes" when the system ask you to download “Chinese or Asian language” software in order to view this PDF file.
Passport & China Visa Instructions
You need to follow the instructions to complete China visa application. Please download this form along with China Visa Application.

Flight Schedule
Read detailed information about your air travel, including flight schedule,baggage allowance and other travel tips.

Essentials To Pack
Our recommended pack list for your China travel. Always remember, "He who would travel happily must travel light".

Download our comprehensive Passenger Protection Plan
Download our comprehensive Passenger Protection Plan, effective August 1, 2009 and for only $139 per person regardless of your age and tour cost.
Travel Insurance Registration & Payment Form
Please complete and fax the Travel Insurance Registration & Payment Form to 604-608-9696 within 7 days of your initial deposit payment to waive your pre-existing medical conditions. Travel Insurance may be purchased any time by final payment due date or with your balance payment and is non-refundable, but pre-existing conditions exclusion is not applicable if purchased more than seven (7) days after deposit is paid. After we have received your final payment, our special travel insurance package will not be available.