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Thanksgiving holiday New tours for the 2016 China SeasonDate: June 23, 2015

In appreciation for all the excellent feedback we have collected from our valued customers, we are doing a complete update to all of our China Tours for 2016. We promise changes that will improve the overall quality of your next China trip experience.

We can't wait to share our new and improved 2016 China tours and are working to have them available for you to book by the end of July. Please check back with us by then.

Thank you for your patience.

Thanksgiving holiday Fuel Surcharge increase for Air ChinaDate: June 6, 2014

Air China recently increased Transpacific Fuel Surcharge by $80, therefore, China Spree adjusted tour fares according to this increase.

Thanksgiving holiday China Spree Office Removal Notice Date: April 11, 2013

Dear China Spree Travelers,

We are pleased to inform you that our Canadian office, currently located at Suite 129, 4946 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada, V5G4H7 will be moving to new office on the second floor of the same building, with effect from April 12, 2013.

Due to the growth of our business to China and Asia, we are moving to larger offices to accommodate the increasing staff numbers. In addition, we want to create a more comfortable environment where we can host visitors and receive customers.

The new address is as below; please update your records to reflect this change. All our telephone, fax numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

China Spree Travel (Canada), Inc.
4946 Canada Way, Suite 210
Burnaby, BC, V5G4H7

Thank you for your cooperation.

China Spree Travel (Canada), Inc.
Toll free: 866-652-5656
Local: 604-299-0802
Thanksgiving holiday Travel on the Yangtze with boutique ship cruise enhanced by the luxury
Executive Deck Program
Date: August 17, 2012

Once again, China Spree raise the bar for our 2013 China cruise tours.

Over the past few years, China Spree has been working with all major cruise lines on the Yangtze for our China cruise tour programs. Forming the strategic partnership with Victoria Cruises for our 2013 sailing season, China Spree cruise tours 2013 feature quality boutique ship cruise experiences with improved onboard services, food and shore excursions, enhanced by the included Executive Deck Program, with full privileges at Executive Lounge. These Executive Deck Program features includes A La Carte dinning, complimentary beverage package, free laundry, complimentary WiFi, and other privileges that were initially designed exclusively for travelers on suite accommodations. Now, however, these excellent comforts are available for China Spree travelers as well.

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Book selected China Spree Cruise Tours by the promotion deadline as specified on our website to receive Victoria Anna’s Executive Deck Program

Thanksgiving holiday Air China mileage accumulation policy Date: December 2011

Air China changes its mileage accumulation policy on January 1, 2012.

Passengers booked on discounted group airfare with booking class of E and T will earn 50% mileage provided you are a member of Air China member club PhoenixMiles. Most China Spree group airfares fall under this category. Please note that only Air China PhoenixMiles members can earn the mileage for E and T booking class. Though Air China is a member of Star Alliance, United Airlines and other Star Alliance members do not earn Air China mileage points for bookings in E and T class. This practice is dictated by the current contract governing the mileage policy between Star Alliance members and may change at any time. It may be possible that mileage points you earn with Air China PhoenixMiles can be transferred to your Star Alliance membership in the future, but this cannot be guaranteed.

We recommend that you apply for Air China PhoenixMiles membership online in advance. Alternatively, you may join the membership when you check in at Air China counter in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York JFK, or Vancouver, Canada.

To apply online, click the following link:, then click Phoenixmiles card application.

To earn your Air China mileage points, you should contact Air China directly by the following two ways:

1) Call Air China at 866-882-8122 upon receipt of your E-Ticket number. At the same time, you may
request the seating, and place dietary request.

2) Present your PhoenixMiles card number to Air China check-in counter at San Francisco, Los Angeles,
New York JFK, or Vancouver, Canada.

Passengers booked on all other Air China booking class will earn 50% - 100% mileage points, and you are allowed to accumulate those points to your UA or other Star Alliance mileage programs directly at airport check-in.

Note the booking class mentioned above has nothing to do with where you sit on the airplane and the class of your seat. Mileage points are calculated using the airline booking code and pricing system. Frequent traveler programs are administered by the airlines, and are beyond the control of China Spree. If you have questions or concerns regarding your frequent traveler mileage points, earn, or redeem the points, you must contact the airline directly when you receive your E-Ticket from China Spree. The Air China Call Center can be reached at: 800-882-8122. In order to claim your frequent traveler mileage, you may be required to provide the original ticket receipt and boarding pass, so be sure to save these papers.
Thanksgiving holiday Additional baggage fees may apply at check-in Date: December 2011

In 2011, major U.S. carriers started to increase overweight and oversized bag fees, and also fees for the second checked baggage. Many airlines used to charge a small fortune for bags over 70 lbs., but now they don't allow them as checked baggage. Instead, you'll have to ship as cargo.

Fees may be charged by airlines for services such as preferred seat selection and baggage handling. Please note that fees are determined by the airline you check in with and may change at any time. Additional overweight baggage fees are charged and vary by airline. Please check with the airline directly for the updated information on checked & carry-on baggage, weight restrictions, and seat selection. Check Airline Fee Chart for further details.

This policy changes may affect your U.S. domestic flight to the Air China gateways. As of today, Air China does not charge fees for the second baggage (restrictions may apply) for your transpacific flight to China. So you are still allowed a maximum of two piece of checked baggage for flight to China. However their policy may change at any time. Please contact Air China at 800-882-8122 for the updated information.
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