Travel Insurance

Missing a vacation is bad enough. Losing the money you paid for your vacation is even worse. For your peace of mind we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance. We recommend RBC Insurance, Canada's #1 provider of travel insurance, protecting over three million travellers a year, with their expertise and the global assistance network to handle every day travel emergencies.

It is a condition of traveling with China Spree that you take out suitable travel insurance covering at least circumstances leading to the cancellation of your tour bookings and providing sufficient medical cover for illness or injury and repatriation while overseas.

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RBC Insurance

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RBC Travel Insurance Plan & Coverage Comparison

RBC Travel Insurance Plan & Coverage Comparison

There are several different types of travel insurance coverage that can be purchased individually or as part of a package. When purchased in a package, travellers receive maximum value and the most complete travel protection available. Compare the features and benefits of each package below. We recommend RBC Deluxe Package.

Insurance overview Packages Medical only coverage Other available insurance
Coverage descriptions Deluxe/TravelCare/
Travel within Canada
Non-Medical Classic Medical/TravelCare Cancellation & Interruption/
Baggage & Personal Effects/
Flight Accident/
Rental Car Physical Damage
Age eligibility Deluxe 0-74
TravelCare 75+
Travel Within Canada 0-80+
0-80+ Classic Medical 0-59
TravelCare 60+
Single Trip Coverage — standard
maximum trip duration in days
Deluxe 183
TravelCare 60
Travel Within Canada 365
365 365 Cancellation & Interruption 365
Flight Accident 365
Baggage & Personal Effects 183
Rental Car Physical Damage 60
Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Maximum sums payable
Trip Cancellation - Before departure Up to the sum insured Up to the sum insured   Up to the sum insured
Trip Interruption - After departure Economy class transportation:
Economy class transportation:
Up to the sum insured:
$800, $1,500 or unlimited
Trip Interruption - Unused portion of
prepaid travel arrangements
Unlimited Unlimited Up to the sum insured:
$800, or $1,500 or unlimited
Subsistence allowance $3,500 $3,500 $1,750
HolidaySure Plan coupon $750 Travel Coupon $750 Travel Coupon Not included
Connection benefit $1,000 $1,000 Not included
Emergency Medical Insurance Maximum sums payable
Medical and other benefits1 Unlimited   Unlimited  
Repatriation of remains Transportation cost: Unlimited6   Transportation cost: Unlimited6  
Emergency dental5 $300 and/or accidental blow
(emergency expenses)
  $300 and/or accidental blow
(emergency expenses)
Return to trip destination One-way economy airfare   One-way economy airfare  
Return to your province or territory
of residence
One-way economy airfare, or
stretcher, or qualified medical
attendant or air ambulance
  One-way economy airfare, or
stretcher, or qualified medical
attendant or air ambulance
Emergency services (chiropractor,
physiotherapist, etc.)
$300   $300  
Subsistence allowance $3,500   $1,750  
Baggage & Personal Effects Insurance Maximum sums payable
Loss of or damage to baggage and
personal effects2
$1,000 $1,000   Up to the sum insured:
$1,000, $1,500 or $2,000
Delay of baggage and personal effects3 $400 $400   Not included
Flight Accident Insurance Principal sum
Death, double dismemberment,
loss of sight of both eyes or complete
irrecoverable loss of speech or hearing4
$100,000 $100,000   $100,000
Travel Accident Insurance Principal sum
Death, double dismemberment,
loss of sight of both eyes or complete
irrecoverable loss of speech or hearing4
$50,000 $50,000    
Rental Car Physical Damage Insurance Principal sum
Physical damage of rental car       $50,000 Maximum Benefit
Optional Riders Package Upgrade or Golf/Ski Upgrade available
if purchased with a Package coverage
Multi-Trip Annual Plan/Package Option Yes - Deluxe Package and
TravelCare Package
  Yes - Classic Medical and
TravelCare Medical

For all terms, conditions, definitions and exclusions, please refer to your policy for complete details.

  1. This insurance is subject to a maximum of $20,000 if you do not have valid government health insurance plan coverage.
  2. The maximum for any one item or set of items is $500. The maximum sum insured per person or per family does not exceed $2,000 in total for all coverages issued by us.
  3. This insurance is available while en route and before returning to your departure point.
  4. You are entitled to a maximum of the largest amount specified for one of these benefits.
  5. Benefit is emergency dental expenses to repair or replace natural or permanently attached artificial teeth incurred during the trip and up to a maximum of $1,500 for continued necessary treatment after returning to Canada.
  6. Please see policy for limits on the transportation container, cremation and burial at location.

Where in the world would you be without travel insurance?

In a world where anything can happen, travel insurance is your ticket to safeguarding your trip. There are many good reasons why you need travel insurance.

For instance, what if you had to:

Cope with a travel emergency in a foreign country?
You’re on your dream vacation in a foreign country and chances are you may not speak the language. How would you get help during an emergency? Our multilingual co-ordinators understand your coverage and can help you find the care you need. Simply call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where you are - no matter which travel insurance product you’ve purchased.

Pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses?
Did you know that if you become sick or injured while travelling, your government health insurance plan only covers a fraction of medical costs? Emergency Medical Insurance can help cover these costs - and we offer up-front payment on claims whenever possible.

Replace lost clothing or jewellery?
Don't let your vacation be ruined if your luggage, or personal effects such as a passport, become damaged or lost. Baggage and Personal Effects Insurance helps cover some of the replacement costs - so you can get back to enjoying your trip.

Suddenly rush home because of an emergency?
If you have to cancel, delay or return early from your trip, you could incur some serious cancellation and interruption expenses. Cancellation & Interruption Insurance reimburses you when your travel arrangements don’t go according to plan - and we protect you from over 40 specified risks.

Deal with a medical emergency while travelling within Canada?
Did you know that you need travel insurance even if you're travelling within Canada? Government health insurance plans exclude or limit expenses such as ambulance services, x-rays, prescription drugs and dental treatment. That’s why our Travel Within Canada Package is an excellent choice if you’re travelling only within Canada for the duration of your trip.