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29 Day Epic China (2013)

Trip Highlights

Uncover China's timeless wonders

Uncover China's timeless wonders
  • Imperial Beijing: where your exciting tour starts, to discover China's proud capital and its countless imperial treasures such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and the Great Wall of China.
  • Urumqi: China's Alaska, the "New Frontier". The capital of the vast Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in China's remote northwest.
  • Medieval Kashgar: a medieval town at heart, an oasis post, playing field of the great game, and Silk Road conjunction. No Silk Road trip is complete without visiting Kashgar's bustling Sunday Bazaar.
  • Exotic Turpan: an unforgettable Silk Road oasis, a sleepy desert down shaded by poplar trees and grape arbors, peopled by Uygur in traditional dress and irrigated by vast system of Karez Wells.
  • Dunhuang: home to China's richest treasure-house of ancient Buddhist murals and sculpture, the Mogao Caves.
  • Jiayuguan Pass: a desert town and the west end of the Great Wall of China.
  • Historical Xian - dynastic capital: Your history lesson continues when you visit the historic heartland of China, the home of the buried Army of Terra Cotta Warriors.
  • Scenic Guilin: By the Chinese standard, "the most beautiful city under heaven" for its surreal limestone pinnacles and the fabled Li River. You will find out why.
  • Idyllic Longsheng: A legendary corner of China, a true gem for its spectacular Dragon Spine Rice Terraces and minority villages.
  • Chengdu (Panda Reserve): a city of spicy food and Giant Panda, a place rich in cultural legacy and historical sites, is commonly considered as China's most laid back city. Visit Giant Panda Breeding Center for an opportunity to hug a baby panda; unwinding in a neighborhood teahouse; savor the authentic Sichuan spicy food in China's culinary capital. No other places in China can give a more genuine taste of "Real China"
  • Tsedang: the origin of Tibetan kingdom.
  • Lhasa-the heart and soul of Tibet: the rooftop of the world. The mysterious Buddhist kingdom of Tibet is, without doubt, one of the world's most remarkable places. Gaze up the impressive Potala Palace; seek spiritual enlightenment at Jokhang Monastery or take a close-up look at local Tibet family homes. It's trip of a life time.
  • Chongqing: China's wartime capital also home to the "Flying Tigers" during WWII, where you visit the Giant Panda and board the downstream Yangtze cruise.
  • Yangtze River Cruise: 3-night cruise through Yangtze River's fabled Three Gorges, aboard one of the finest Yangtze cruise ships--Century Paragon with guaranteed balcony cabin. Daily shore excursions and onboard entertainment included. Visit the massive Three Gorges Dam; cruise through the 5-stage ship lock; explore the scenic Shennong Stream on motorized sampans, and tour Shibaozhai, an old Yangtze riverside town.
  • Classic Suzhou: China's artistic center over centuries, a city of gardens, canals, and silk art
  • Water town Tongli: a typical water village in the region.
  • Metropolitan Shanghai: once the "Pearl of the Orient" in 1930s, now the trendiest city in China, a perfect place to wrap up your memorable China journey.
Savor China's world-renowned delicacies with special culinary events

Savor China's world-renowned delicacies with special culinary events
  • Peking Duck Dinner: delight in the succulent, crispy and aromatic Peking Duck dinner right after you climbed the Great Wall
  • Xian Dumpling Banquet: Enjoy a 17-course dumpling dinner, each with distinctive shapes and aroma.
  • Sample a typical Uygur meal in Turpan.
Experience the real China, up-close and personal, with our Culture Insite Program

Experience the real China, up-close and personal, with our Culture Insite Program
  • Hutong tour in Beijing: explore the alleyways and courtyard homes of old Beijing riding rickshaws, and conclude the tour with a home-hosted lunch at local family home.
Marvel at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in your trip

Marvel at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in your trip
  • The Great Wall
  • Forbidden City
  • Summer Palace
  • Temple of Heaven: an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing
  • Terra-cotta Warriors and Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Xian
  • Classic gardens of Suzhou
  • Magao Cave, Dunhuang
  • Potala Palace, Lhasa