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China Spree attended to every detail so as to provide a memorable trip to China that far exceeded our expectations. Our guides went well beyond what would have been normally expected and were more than willing to share their views on modern-day China. I left with a much deeper understand and appreciation of China. CS: Comment on your tour guide Answer: Your National guide Victor was outstanding! Every detail was expertly taken care of but more importantly, he was willing to discuss basically every question we had about China. I feel I came away with a much better understanding of modern-day China. Further, Victor went well above what would be normally expected of him to insure we had a successful visit to China.
- James & Linda B, Pennsylvania
China Spree is a 5 star tour at a 3 star price. It is the best tour I have ever been on. Hotels,guides,sight seeing are the very best available. It is the very best tour company to China. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: This was my third trip on China Spree. The guides treat you like family and go out of their was to make sure you have the very best tour. Jim was the very best national guide we could have had.
- John C, Texas
Well done . . . . When my wife booked this trip I thought there had to be a catch. The price was just TOO GOOD to be true. I truly thought we would get to China and be disappointed in what was provided, the hotels or the entire tour. Much to my delight I was totally wrong and I apologize for doubting your ability to provide a top notch tour for an unbelievable price. The hotels were 5 star, the guides and buses great and the activities were exactly what we wanted out of a trip to China. I would heartily recommend this trip to anyone interested in seeing China. Wow, what an experience. Thank you very much Joe Schwartz
- Joe S , Idaho
We just completed the Mighty Yangtze 15-day trip and 'Lucy' was our national guide. No need for me to echo each of the appreciations in so many testimonials so suffice it to say that the praises are truthful. This was the improbable made manifest; a low cost tour with high-end quality. First to mention was the group size. We had only 19 people and not a lemon in the bunch. A small group size limit was a requirement for us before we decided on our tour company. (My wife and I much prefer independent travel but the total lack of familiarity with Chinese language and characters made a guided tour essential if we wanted to maximize our understanding and exposure to the culture and historical sites.) To get a handle on the value I checked the cost for round trip air fare for an open-jaw from SFO to Beijing and returning from Shanghai. For $1900 more we got internal air flights, a four-day river cruise, usually three meals per day and eleven nights at five star hotels. The meals were locally influenced for seasonings and some featured items but they were basic Chinese Chinese (not the Americanized Chinese dishes we get here stateside). This was important, I guess, for a true flavor of the country but a steady diet of a cultural food gets boring. Towards the end I was dreaming of a plate of burritos appearing on one of those omnipresent lazy-suzans. The hotels were not just good, there were impressive. Really impressive! This was true for rooms, restaurants, amenities, location and services. And our local guides were informative and nearly always personable in a way that we were able to relate to. One or two were just knowledgeable but not quite able to connect with American/Canadian humor. Several were so well versed in American as to understand our references to our value on freedoms and yet respect for China's accomplishments and struggles with a transition to a market economy and world influence. Each guide has a chosen English name. This was awkward for me at first; seemed to be an affectation. I quickly saw it as a convenience I valued when I realized the surname-first protocol and my difficulty in making associations for names. 'Lucy' was our esteemed guide. What a gracious, attentive, effective and caring soul. She was a premier ambassador for her country while being our shepherd and benign family matriarch. If you've done group travel you know the aptness of the 'herding cats' metaphor. Throughout the two weeks Lucy had each of us constantly purring. We saw too much in too short a time to feel satisfied that we've 'seen' China. Even though we've been on six of the seven continents much remains in the world that we want to see for the first time. But if budget and opportunity combine we would look first to China Spree for a return visit to such a friendly and complex culture. CS:Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Maybe China Spree can be equalled but they can't be beat for service and value.
- Antonia F & Thomas H, California
CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I was once in front of a seafood restaurant in Bethesda, MD deciding whether to go in. An elderly couple were exiting and I asked them how this restaurant was. The gentlemen told me that if I did not totally enjoy it, he would pay for my meal (and he gave me his business card). He was absolutely correct. Were I able I would make the same offer to anyone equivocating on taking this trip. China Spree is excellent, the tour excellent and China an absolute delight - like being on a different planet. CS: Tour Testimonial Answer: I had never heard of Chinaspree - found it on the internet. I was skeptical - did some checking, etc. It is by far the best of many many tours, trips we have taken. I would recommend it without reservation, and I will make another trip. CS: Was there a particular highlight of your China trip you wish to share? Answer: We are well traveled and accustomed to high quality accommodations, etc. This was in all respects the best tour we have ever taken. Guides were top notch. Hotels excellent (Hangzhou choice might be better), meals were good to excellent. Most importantly we learned that China is an incredible country inhabited by very good and special people. A true delight!
- Dr. Paul & Caroline L, Florida
This is just a short note to tell you that I was just started planning my vacation for 2011 to Brazil, but I CANNOT get my vacation to China out of my head. I had an absolute FABULOUS time, Victor and Eddie... I just cannot forget them because they were AWESOME! China Spree has set a high standard for me, so other travel companies beware. I am presently working with an agent now for my South America trip, but I could not help but tell her the experience, professionalism, and high standard which I received from your company. Again, thank you for your diligence in your commitment to excellence.
- Juliet C, Apopka
This was a trip of a lifetime because our kids were graduating and we wanted to have one fantastic and perfect vacation with them before they get busy with college and career. We picked Chinaspree to help plan our vacation - and it was the best decision we made! The planing and coordination was flawless, the Chinaspree guides were fabulous, the planning and food that they arranged for us was heavenly. We came back from our trip with some precious memories and friendships that we will treasure for ever. China is a beautiful and exotic country with a lot of history, culture and natural beauty. With the help of Chinaspree and their meticulous planning, we were able to enjoy all that without worrying about the hassles of getting from one place to another. Thanks, Chinaspree!!!
- Diptish D, California
The China Spree tour even exceeded my high expectations. The guides, high-quality hotels, diverse meals and, of course, the cities and sites visited were all excellent. Brian, our national guide, and all of the local guides took care of our every need and request from arrival to departure. I had been warned by friends who visited China on other tours that the food would be ‘monotonous’. China Spree worked especially hard to choose restaurants which served up especially tasty lunches and dinners with a huge choice of dishes, and the buffet breakfasts offered by the hotels provided a wide selection of items, both western and local. All in all it was a great trip with great value for the money. I highly recommend anyone considering a visit to China to book with China Spree.
- Marilyn M, New York
Our trip with China Spree was an outstanding experience, and much more than we expected it would be! We not only saw many of the most important historical sites in China, but we had an opportunity to see some of the tranformation in both the city and the countryside. Our national guide, David, made our trip smooth and enjoyable! I doubt that one could find a better guide. We highly recommend China Spree your trip to China! CS: The local guides you like best. Why? Answer: I liked Lillian from Beijing and Sue from Guilin. Both women seemed to me to be sincere and gave us good background information. They were relaxed enough to make us feel comfortable, but capable of making adjustments when necessary. Both allowed us to see their personalities, as real people. Sue had to make very necessary adjustments when the Li River was too high, and our river trip was canceled. We first drove to the cave while the company decided what to do about the canceled trip on the Li River. We drove out to the mountains and had an opportunity to stop at a village where David asked the teacher of the school, if we could see the children at recess. As a retired teacher, I was thrilled to see the children who crowded around us. I started to count in English, and they knew what I was doing. The children were precious! We did see the mountains and people in the fields planting rice by hand and plowing with the water buffalo. When we needed a bathroom, the driver stopped at a gas station. Sue checked with us to see whether we could use the station bathroom which was an open drain without stalls. We said that we would use it. It was quite clean, but there were no doors. She stayed with us during the meals to make sure that everything was satisfactory.
- Ellen P, Washington
I feel that my trip to china could not have been better. We took the 21 day trip and did we see China. I spoke to other tours while I was there, to learn we recivied the best value, plus we had the best. Our host quide, who stayed with us, made anything possible. Our zipper broke on our suite case and our quide took by husband to buy one between tours. Any problem we had as a group he covered it. Never have I been any where that people took such care to cover your needs or concerns. I do not believe there will ever be a trip, at this price, done so well. I’m not sure by paying more, a lot more, there will ever be such a tour. Thank you China Spree for showing your country to me with such pride and honestly. I left China feeling that anything was possible if you believe. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: You’ll never believe it. The chinese love the west, so they are facinated with us and we stick out. You’ll come back being able to climb steps, and over whelmed. It’s bigger than you can imagine, everything is bigger and more.
- Shari C, Missouri
We have just returned from an exciting trip to China organized and well planned by China Spree. Indeed China is one of the world's oldest and most advanced civilizations in the world. In my opinion a memorable trip is one that you can never forget and such was the case visiting China for me and my wife Parvin. I was simply amazed by Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tongli and Hangzhou's architect, history, glitzy theaters, and vibrant economy. The person responsible to make this trip memorable was none other than Victor (Li Tong BO). Victor was just superb with minute details. He showed lots of patience and took great care of each one of us individally as well as collectively. In our living memory this was the best tour we ever had. I shall highly recommend to all my friends and colleagues. I must say as an educator that Victor has a tremendous amount of communication skills and is a thorough gentleman. Finally, China Spree is very fortunate to have Victor's services.
- Waris & Parvin S, California
This is the best travel deal and company you can find! It is exceptionally well organized and everything is top quality. I took all four of my kids (12. 13, 18, 18) and they all loved it. A life changing event for all of them! I was exceptionally nervous because it is ’too good to be true’. For those of you thinking this I have a suggestion; go to the Better Business Bureau site at: because this is how I checked them out. It all looked good. I then made sure the address and phone number at the BBB site matched the internet information. I also Googled ’Chinaspree’ to see if there were complaints but all of these independent reports said; ’Fantastic!’. I absolutely could not be more thrilled with the trip. I am doing everything I can to convince my friends that they must become Chinaspree clients! Hotels: Fantastic with top rate breakfasts. Organization: Perfect. Everything planned and on schedule. Location: China is an unbelievable location with two of the wonders of the world! Tours: Very interesting and had a variety of activities and sites. Guides: They did everything they possibly could to make this outstanding. Chinaspree: They deliver everything that they promise! Value: This trip can not be beat. Period!!
- Lonnie L, Alaska
I can’t say enough good things about China Spree. We have been traveling around the world for over 30 years, always on our own. This was the first time we took a tour because we were a little nervous about getting around in China. It turns out it was one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. Everything was perfect. The itinerary gave us a good overview of China for the amount of time we had. We covered a lot of ground, and every arrangement, from airport to hotels to meals to entrances at sites, all went smoothly. The guides taught us a lot about China and really made everything seem so easy. They were helpful in planning our free days too. The group size was just right, and the hotels were very nice. China Spree did a great job of making China easy, fun, and educational, for a good price. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: 10. Excellent. Lynn was extremely competent at all the arrangements, and she had a lot of knowledge about China so we learned a lot of the history and local culture. She also always gave us a feeling of comfort that we were being looked out for. Everything went smoothly, arrangements, connections, check-ins at hotel, meals, thanks to Lynn. She also took time to give us individual advice on a few things, e.g. for our free days. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Don’t be afraid. Just dive in and go. it's a fascinating place.
- Amy S, New York
China is a 'must see' destination. After hosting the Olympics and being the 2010 site of the World Expo, everything is clean, freshly painted and a pleasure to visit. You will not believe all the building growth in the last 20 years...China’s metroplitan cities show off their being a world leader with lots of interesting history to share with visitors too. China Spree is a top-of-the-line tour company...they and their guides make a trip to China run as smooth as silk. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find in’s closer to life in the US than you ever imagined. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Now is a great time to visit China. You receive an exceedingly good value for your dollars. Everything is in tip-top shape after the Olympics and in preparation for hosting the World Expo in 2010. Your accomodations and food will exceed expectations!
- Al B, Florida
Our family took a Golden Triangle tour with China Spree from January 8th to the 17th. Pre-tour arrangements such as visas to visit China were taken care by China Spree quickly and was effortless on our part. We were very well taken care of right from when we stepped into China until we went into the terminal to return to America. Hotel accommodations and meals were also excellent. Every day was well organized and time was used efficiently to that we may see as many beautiful and historical places in China as possible in 10 days. Our tour guides were knowledgeable, fluent in English, and by the end of our time together became our friends. The tour went just as promised. If you are considering visiting this great country, which you definitely should, I would absolutely recommend China Spree as the best tour company that can give you an affordable, enjoyable, and memorable trip to China. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: A trip to China will open up travelers to an incredible history of one of the most culturally stimulating countries. There are many historical sites to visit and you can see everything from ancient to modern China.
- Shaiful & Shamim & Sarah I, Pennsylvania
China Spree and staff are exceptionally knowledgeable, friendly and consise. Our family of 6 (four boys) traveled to Beijing, on China Airlines. You will be very pleased when you arrive into Beijing and get through their security process. Very quick, organized and friendly. Faster than anything the US has to offer. A big smile from your guide, ours was Shirley. Very organized. Bus to the hotel nice and comfortable, and the hotel was great. Walking distance to many attractions, with easy access to a very simple and friendly subway system! Hotel had great restaurants to choose from, breakfast every morning with many food groups to please anyone. Beijing itself, incredible.. Again, friendly and amazing! Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Bell and Drum Towers- all wonderful! We just needed a few more days there! Looking forward to coming back, spending more time at the Great Wall, and travelling to other cities. We didn’t worry about a thing.. Our 4 boys ages 10-16 years were very comfortable and even took the subway by themselves a few times. They had fun playing hacky sac with the locals. Truly an amazing and wonderful trip.. CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip Answer: Well organized, Shirley was the perfect hostess, she met all of our needs anytime we had requests.. Our hotel was great- nice people, great food, nice rooms.. Conviently located- loved being by the subway and walking distance to so many places...The Great Wall- the friendly people, beautiful parks, Bell and Drum tower- of course the Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City too... CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: It’s safe, friendly well organized (streets, subways) and the food is great.History wise, mind boggling! Really incredible... Everyone should walk on the Great Wall!
- Kelly V, Idaho
Go in the spring, the summer, the fall, or even on the winter cold, have open mind, be adventures, and be the perfect guess. China Spree It is the company that keeps their prices low, their guides up to date, their motor coach running, the food and my bed warm. This company has the perfect relationship with their partners, the right connections with great communication skills and the best team. I will travel with them to any part of the world as long and as far they can take me.
- Lucy T, California
China Spree is by far the best organized tour we have ever been on. They took care of every detail including the air transportation from our home town to San Francisco to Beijing and back. They took care of the Chinese visa. The days were packed full of interesting sights and delicious food. Among the more unusual highlights were the lunch in a local Beijing home and the outstanding theater performance shows. Accommodations were superior. When the untimely winter snowstorms and fog through our schedule off track, the competent guides made the best of the situation by organizing an interesting train ride from Xi’an to Shanghai instead of the canceled air flight. I strongly recommend China Spree to anyone who wants to travel to China; and I plan to use China Spree again sometime. I have complete confidence in them. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Learn the Chinese expressions that China Spree provides in their booklet, and get an additional phrase book. Using some of the expressions make the trip all the more fun. I would also recommend reading up a little on the major points of interest which the tour will include, and on China in general. This is more than just a recreational tour. This is an enriching, learning experience.
- Carl G, Arizona
After reading about China Spree in the WSJ, I checked out their website because of the incredible bargain that was being offered on the special packages. I then did some research, reading views on several other websites and forums, and did not come across any negative comments. I also compared it to packages being offered by other travel sites…China Spree did not have that problem (as per the reviews). All other travel sites that had similar price ranges for the tour did NOT include the airfare. So I ended up selecting China Spree. After arriving to China, Jim, the national tour guide was there, patiently waiting for us at the airport. He then counted, and counted again, to make sure everyone was present before we headed for the bus. Once we got to the bus, we just left our bags by the side, and the driver place it underside for us. This pattern was repeated throughout the trip - we rarely had to handle the bags ourselves. The porter would pick it up from outside our room, Jim would count to make sure all the bags were on, and then we would get it back at our next stop, again, delivered by the porter, straight to our room. When we got on the bus, Jim said he never lost anyone during any of the tours, and given how he always counted at least two times whenever we travelled anywhere, I could see how it would be next to impossible to lose someone. The tours that we went on were excellent, and very enjoyable. It got better over time because the first two days, everyone was still getting acquainted with each other. But by the time the third day rolled around, we had already spent 3 meals a day together, and 10 hours telling each other stories about our life, so even the bus rides were fun because we were all having fun listening to Jim telling stories, jokes, and sometimes even sing! All in all, I had a great time and would highly recommend China Spree for anyone desiring to travel to China.
- Chi C, New York
This was our second trip to China in thirteen months. Our second trip with ChinaSpree was everything we hoped it would be and more. Our group, 28 people from around the US, were taken care of in every way possible. It started with excellent service in planning the trip, our visas taken care of for us, additional flights prior to leaving for China, etc. Once we landed in Beijing, we were met by our guide, Jim and from then on - everything was done to ensure our experience in China was a memorable one. The motorcoach was confortable, our luggage taken care of all along the way, hotel check-in taken care of - the hotel rooms were clean, modern, and the beds were the best! Entry into all exhibits - taken care of. Water provided every day for our use. Directing us towards the best of the 'happy rooms' (toiets). Having planned the first trip ourselves the first time, taking a ChinaSpree tour for our second visit - we are already looking online for our next trip to China - and yes we will be going on another ChinaSpree tour - this time to include a trip to Tibet. I would highly recomment ChinaSpree for anyone planning a trip to China - you will want to return. They took care of everything and if we had any questions - either by emai or phone - all were answered prompty. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I never thought I would make a first trip to China - we went for the Paralympics in 2008. Our second trup was strictly due to the trip offered by ChinaSpree. We are hooked and are looking forward to another trip. If you haven’t put China on your list of places to visit - I would highly recommend it.
- Pete & Dianne F, California