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China Spree has greatly exceeded my expectations and provided me, my husband and friends a memorable tour of this beautiful country. In the very beginning our tour guide met each of us with friendliness and made us all feel welcomed. Not knowing what to expect , I was very surprised to find that our accomodations were nothing but 1st class. The food was exceptionally delcious and the people were so very gracious. Our tour guides were very knowledgeable about their country and they made every effort to make sure that when we went back home we took a piece of this beautiful country with us. China Spree made every effort to provide a tour that included all the magnificient places that they could possibly fit into a 14 day tour which started from the Tiananmen Square, to the Great Wall, to the Li River, the Long Sheng’s Dragon Spine Terraces and everything in between. We have learned so much. Thank you China Spree for giving me an experience that I will always remember and cherish! CS: What did you like about this trip? Answer: For starters I loved the tour guides. Ron, Linda and Carl were friendly, knowledgeable, humorous, helpful and tolerant. I miss Ron - he was like family. He took such good care of our group and he made everything easy for us. Your country is beautiful, the people are so very gracious, the food was so delicious and our accomadations were 1st class throughout the entire trip. My husband and I loved our trip and we made so many new friends in our tour group. My memories are Beautiful! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: It would be an absolute must that you schedule your trip with China Spree. China Spree provides you with tour guides who are knowledgeable about their country, they are personable and very helpful. China Spree will make sure you have 1st class accomodations all the way so sit back and enjoy the experience!
- Cassandra, Florida
This was our first trip to China and China Spree made us feel comfortable the entire time! The tour guides were very knowledgeable, professional and personable. We saw a great deal of the sites in China during our fourteen day trip, and our tour guides always gave us background information on everything we saw. The hotels and food were excellent! I would definetly use China Spree again and recommend it to anyone who wanted to see China! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Visiting China for the first time is daunting! China Spree made the trip enjoyable and exciting while giving us a tour of China’s treasures. It was a great trip.
- Mary, California
I cannot imagine a more wonderful two week tour of China for our group of returning parents and Chinese adopted girls. The trip exceeded all our expectations. The itinerary was full of memorable highlights like the Great Wall, the Long Sheng rice paddies, the Li River cruise and our bicycle ride on the top of the old Xi ’an city wall. Everything ran smoothly. The hotels, buses, and meals were all of the highest caliber. Beyond the well thought through and well delivered tour, we all LOVED our national tour guide, Lisa Li. She was warm, caring, knowledgeable, and flexible. She worked non-stop to make sure our trip was the best it could be. We appreciated the excellent staff work of China Spree in China and the United States. We have come back with memories that will last our lifetime along with a much greater understanding of China’s past and present. Thank you, China Spree! CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Ding, ding, ding hao! Excellent. On a scale of 1-10 Lisa Li gets a 20!! She is responsible for turning a good tour into a fantastic tour for us. She was personable with everyone, she shared stories from her family life that everyone loved, she was always on top of the logistics - getting us the right rooms and making sure that the buses and food were on time. She was knowledgeable about all the sites were visited. She was flexible when we needed more time. Both adults and our girls loved her like family at the end of the trip. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Be prepared for a fast pace and lots of walking. Buy souvenirs whenever you can. We waited until the end and then ran out of time.
- Susan
I recently returned from the 2016 Classic China & Tibet Highland tour (code 160616CCT) where I was traveling with the Greathouse group. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, the countries, the culture, and the people. I was especially impressed with our tour guide—Kevin (Hu Xin), who was professional, knowledgeable, organized, and personable. His attention to detail truly made our trip memorable. We traveled with 4 teenagers who were warmly welcomed by Kevin. He enjoyed their enthusiasm as well as their curiosity. Because Kevin shared a wealth of information with the group at each historical or cultural site, we all learned a great deal. He welcomed any an all questions that arose. Having taught school for 38 years, I know that students can often have more questions than adults—something I found invigorating. Obviously, so did Kevin. He always gave them the utmost courtesy—answering every question completely and with enthusiasm for his subject. Our youngsters were enthralled by his knowledge and appreciated his treating them with the same courtesy he extended to all adults on the trip. Kevin treated every member of our group with great courtesy. As in every travel group I have ever encountered, there is always someone who is oblivious to timeliness, someone who constantly complains, someone who always wants special treatment—I’m sure you can complete that list. Kevin did a remarkable job in handling the people who failed to display the “team spirit” that allows for the group to move together without discord. I know he waited for every group to return from their evening outings—like going to the night market, before he retired for the night. He provided excellent directions for going to places that were not on the tour—for instance, what subway lines to take to see the Xi’an wall at night and where to avoid taking a taxi. Not only did I observe Kevin’s politeness to the members of our tour group, I observed that same polite demeanor with everyone he dealt with behind the scenes—hotel personnel, bus drivers, airline employees, ticket takers at cultural sites—basically anyone with whom he encountered. Two from the Greathouse group suffered from altitude sickness in Tibet, and Kevin was extremely attentive. He constantly checked on their comfort as well as whether or not medical assistance was necessary. He was with me as I made a late night check on my brother-in- law as I could not get a response to my phone call. My sister had not heard the phone, and all was well. However, Kevin and I had a plan in place for how to get to the hospital and that he would go with us to translate if my brother-in-law’s health declined during the night. Fortunately, all went well that night. While I didn’t spend as much time with our guide in Tibet, Yulla was also a delight. He had such a complete grasp of the difficult subjects he discussed with the group, that he could explain them very simply. He also displayed great courtesy to all members of our group. I had a wonderful experience with your company and will recommend it to anyone who asks. Thank you!
- Jeanne S, Kansas
We would just say, 'Go with China Spree if you are thinking about visiting China.' We had never heard of China Spree before. We based our decision on their itinerary and pricing because almost everything was included. We wanted to visit the different places in China but didn't quite know what to expect. We felt very safe and enjoyed everything about our tour and learned so much. Buses were on time and we had excellent seats at performances and at dinner. Of course the Great Wall was the main highlight for us, but there were so many other highlights such as the terra cotta warriors, the hike to the rice paddies, the Li River and the Yangtze river cruise. It was a busy-paced tour that required being in good physical condition. We are senior citizens and were the oldest in our group but managed it just fine despite one of us having a mild knee problem. One piece of advice we would give is to buy items you want from each place you visit, don't wait until the last day to shop. This tour exceeded our expectations and will be something we will remember for the rest of our lives.
- Kent G, Utah
Dear ChinaSpree, You are doing a fabulous service to people by arranging these tours. We just came back from the trip, one of the best trip we ever had. You have converted a non traveler into a traveler. Our guide Lin was fabulous. Our whole group fell in love with her. Our tour mates have become like a family to us. When does it happen that all 18 people in a group from diverse background gel like they have known each other for a long time. We can’t say enough things about your local guides. They were all very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to share their country’s rich heritage. I had no clue about China. China is absolutely fantastic, clean and very friendly. Your tour guide makes or breaks the trip and our was certainly made by Lin. I have recommended you to all my family and friends and will continue to do so. I can write pages and pages about our experience but you get the message. Keep educating people. Thanks Shanta and Harish Chawla Tour dates: 3/28 to 4/11
- Shanta & Harish C, California
Just returned from a 21-day trip to China with China Spree and I can not stop telling everyone how wonderful it was. The food was delicious, each hotel was more impressive than the one before, the trip was interesting, organized, and entertaining. But, the absolute best thing on our trip was our tour guide, Jim. He kept all of us on a tight schedule, and always made everyday an adventure -- a very lovely adventure. He was attentive to everyone’s individual needs and made sure that he did everything humanly possible to fullfill those needs. He was kind and compassionate and his energy, humor and knowledge made the trip one that I will never forget. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: 50!!! Jim went over and above to make the trip the best it could be. We had one very difficult couple on this trip and yet Jim not only did his best to satisfy them, but never neglected any of us in the process. Jim never lost his temper or his patience and stayed focused and organized for the duration of the trip. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: If you are thinking about travelling to China --- go with China Spree. You will have a trip of a lifetime. And ---- request Jim!!!!
- Doreen, California
I signed up with China Spree based solely on the rave review provided by a globe-trotting friend who took one of its China tours in 2007, when the company had only recently started. From my own experience and after talking to my fellow travelers, I am convinced that I could not have done better, or indeed nearly as well, with any other tour group, based on value, accommodations, meals and guide service. My expectations were therefore high, and yet were exceeded by China Spree’s performance. One telling indicator is that the generally middle-aged clientele attracted by China Spree from my experience is well-educated, gregarious, sophisticated and a pleasure to interact with. The trip option I chose, the 14-day ’Best Treasures’ tour, precisely served my interests and provided several pleasant surprises to sites that I was not previously aware of. The guide service was outstanding and included both an overall national guide and local guides, all fluent in English, courteous, attentive to individual client needs and very knowledgeable. Long bus rides were enhanced by mini lectures and humorous tales narrated by our guides. The lodgings at new and lavish five-star hotels also exceeded expectations and were something to look forward to after long and full days of touring and sight-seeing. Meals were also first-rate and included an 'international' breakfast with a vast choice of dishes and, but for one 'Western-style' dinner, excellent Chinese food at both lunch and dinner. A testimony to the food quality and hygienic preparation was that no one to my knowledge developed any kind of stomach ailments after any of the meals arranged by China Spree. Considering the many things that can go wrong on a first-time tour of an exotic and complex country like China, my China Spree tour in the fall of 2009 was the most efficiently planned and executed operation that I have experienced in years. I enthusiastically recommend China Spree to anyone with an adventurous travel spirit who is interested in visiting this fascinating and increasingly important country. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Ron Wang is clearly a ’Ten’. I cannot imagine how he could have improved on his overall performance. His command of English is most impressive, as well as his sense of humor, his deep knowledge of Chinese history and his attention to every detail. He took outstanding care of us at all times, especially me, as the group’s oldest member with a degree of walking and climbing limitations. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Participants in their 60s and 70s or those who have any leg-related limitations should be aware that there is a considerable amount of walking and climbing involved, especially in the early days of the tour.
- Morgan, VA
I have always questioned the validity of testimonials I read about any product or company on the internet, so when I searched for guided tours to China and read various positive testimonials about China Spree, I didn’t take them completely seriously. I was, however, impressed with the Frommer recommendation. I was looking for a trip that would give me more time and more places than the local chamber of commerce tour would and I found that in 'China’s Best Treasures' itenerary. The actual trip so far exceeded my expectations that I could actually become a salesperson for this company. I never fail to mention China Spree in glowing terms when friends and family ask me about my trip. I tell them that it was the perfect trip in every way and that if they ever have the opportunity to go to China, they should check out the China Spree website and trust it --- they will not be disappointed. One additional comment: while at the airport, I met several other groups who had been on a different China Spree tour and both said that it also was a perfect trip and that their national guide was absolutely the best. I, of course, had to disagree because our Ron would be impossible to beat. Still, it was nice to hear that other groups had also had an excellent experience. Knowing that encourages me to come back to China, using China Spree as my tour company. Next time I plan to bring my entire family! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I would tell them not to miss a chance to see this amazing country. I would be happy to go back and do it all over again. I would also tell them to try to arrange to have Ron as a national guide.
- Teri, California
My wife and I have taken many tours and have traveled over every continent except Antarctica. We have never had a tour as well-managed as this trip to China and Tibet by China Spree. All of the tour guides were excellent and the national tour guide went out of his way to help us and inform us in every way possible. We saw remarkable sights in China and Tibet and stayed at excellent hotels. We always had an abundance and a great variety of food. All questions were always answered in a pleasant manner and each member of the tour group was treated with great respect. In addition, we found the people of China and Tibet whom we met in traveling to be most cordial and helpful. Certainly, this tour by China Spree offers the greatest quality at the most economical price and you always stay in excellent hotels with excellent food. It remains Number 1 on our list of many tours we have taken. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: China is a great country with many unusual sights, with an incredibly long and interesting history. Its economy is growing, the cities and countryside are modernizing, and its facilities are very comfortable for the American traveler. The toilet facilities may not always be the most amenable for American traveler but generally they are quite adequate. The Chinese people are friendly, seem genuinely fond of Americans, and were personally helpful to us on any occasion in which we needed their help. They seemed as eager to learn about Americans as we were to learn about them. Unfortunately, their larger cities are acquiring some of the same traffic problems that we have in the U.S. However, China continues to find solutions to their traffic problems as their construction of subways, freeways, and bypasses around the city illustrate. Go to China and Tibet with China Spree and you will treasure the experience.
- Bert & Kay, Georgia
CS: What did you like about this trip? Answer: Our guides made the trip. We were in a small group and did not have a national guide, but honestly there was no need. They were both incredibly well informed and very flexible to our needs as a group. Specifically we were there during the total solar eclipse on July 22nd and our guide completely altered the schedule so that we would have the entire morning on the day of the eclipse. The schedule remained paced in a way that was completely do-able however. Our guides also made sure we were given what the tour had said we would be, namely on several occasions the restaurants were resistant to us getting two glasses of drinks. Cici (our local guide in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai) was particularly excellent at handling restaurant staff. The trip was paced well, Beijing was busy and we had slower days and the trip continued so it did not seem like we were exhausted and overwhelmed. The hotel choices were excellent. The restaurant choices were amazing! The food was wonderful and our group always found several dishes at each meal that we really liked! Although China can be a hard trip on children the age of our son (9), our guides were SPECTACULAR with him. They went out of their way to make sure he was enjoying himself and give him enough time to do everything. Our guide in Shanghai specifically helped us find a bathroom he had heard about because he had mentioned it so much. Both our guides were very concerned with our safety in the streets but our Beijing guide, Michael, went out of his way, often holding his hand specifically during the visit. At no time did we feel really rushed because we were a group, it was like traveling with family and our guides were the best thing about the tour and I hope you continue to use both of them! Both spoke excellent English, much much better than we were expecting! They were great ambassadors for their country. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: You will enjoy this trip! China was full of items of historical and cultural significance and they will be awe inspiring. Be open to new things and you will find yourself cataloging an enormous amount of unforgettable memories and experiences.
- Kelly, Tennessee
This was one of the best travel bargains I have ever had. The quality of the accommodations was uniformly excellent. The breakfast buffets at these hotels were all quite good - and a couple were outstanding. The dinners and lunches were very fine and again some of them were top notch. And it was great that so many meals were included - unlike most tours which often provide only 2 or 3 dinners. The guides were top quality and flexible with demanding Americans! China Spree is working hard to make sure their tours are great value and in my opinion, they have succeeded very well indeed. CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip Answer: The guides and the quality of the hotels. I was also very impressed with Tongli, Suzhou at night and Hangzhou. I am glad that I saw these places. Some of the meals were excellent. All were fine. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Read the material that China Spree sends you before the trip and you cannot go wrong. It was an excellent way to prepare for the trip.
- Tom, California
Traveling China with China Spree was the best choice we made this year. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Beijing to the moment we left from Shanghai, absolutely everything was organized for us. The food was delicious and everyone had their favorites. The hotel accomodations were all extremely luxurious and we felt very comfortable throughout the trip with the different transportation methods as well. Jim Mao, our national guide was another Treasure that made our trip that much more enjoyable. He went above and beyond to make everybody happy and made sure everything was always perfectly planned. We never had to wait in line anywhere! He made us feel right at home in a country so far away. I would definately recommend China Spree for traveling to China! CS: What did you like about this trip? Answer: Our tour guides were all extremely friendly, knowleadgable, and outgoing. Especially Jim Mao made our trip very special and brought our group together like a family. I also like the family style lunches and dinners because it allowed us to get to know all the other families. I also liked the combination of museums and sightseeing with more active days like the rice terraces. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Our national guide Jim Mao, was very organized and worked hard to make everybody happy. He made our busrides pass by so fast because he taught us some Chinese and gave us details about both our itinerary and the places we were traveling to. He deserves a 10 without a doubt. I would recommend China Spree to be done with Jim Mao to any of my friends/family!
- Michelle, Florida
This was a first trip to China for my parents, 12 year old niece and I and we could not have been happier with China Spree! We were exceptional pleased with the content and value we received for our money. This is also the first time that I personally have been on vacation with a tour group. I was initially wary because I normally love to travel and explore on my own, however, I am so glad I traveled on this tour. China is a magnificent, but confusing county and there is no way I could have maneuvered my way around to even half the places in this amount of time or on this budget. Also, the knowledge, antidotes and insights given by our guides was invaluable. CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip Answer: Extremely good national guide Lucy Yu. Trip went very smoothly and Lucy went out of her way to accommodate and assist our group. My 12 year old niece was traveling with us as the only child in our group and Lucy made extra efforts to make sure she was engaged, included and looked after. Also very much enjoyed the hotel selection, especially the Pullman in Shanghai. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Lucy is a 10!! We could not have asked for a better guide. Lovely lady with great sense of humor, much knowledge or country and culture. She really helped make our tour group cohesive and a 'family'. No detail was too small and she went out of her way to help fix even the smallest problems.
- Sonya, California
I would recommend China Spree to any body who is interested in visiting China. The trip exceeded our expectation. Most of the time we stayed in Five star hotels. The locations of the Hotels were very good. Our group size was 18. The national Guide came with us through out the trip. The shows were breath taking. No optional tours like the other company do. everything is included including meals. We have traveled out of the country with well known Tour operators. This is the first time we used China spree. I would not hesitate to say they were for better than those famous well known tour operators. No body can beat their price. CS: What would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I would definitely go with China Spree. They exceeded our expectation. Five star hotels, Sightseeing, Acrobatic show, Tang Dynasty Show and meals are included in there price. No other tour company does all these for the price we paid. The tour guides go beyond the expectations to make everybody happy in the group. Groups are small.
- Ms. Murphy, Florida
The 15 Day Best of China and Hong Kong exceeded my expectations and was worth every penny. It was a great way to see China. I have absolutely no regrets about any portion of the trip. The small group size and national guide allowed me to see more of China than I would have either by myself or with a larger tour group. Everything was very well organized and professional. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: You hear and read about China in the news, but until you actually visit China you are missing out on a great experience.
- Jonathan, Wisconsin
My 12-year old daughter and I went on this trip with another mother-daughter pair. I have travelled quite a bit independently and was was a little concerned about taking a package tour. I dreaded the idea of alighting everywhere from a tour bus and just looking at what the guide pointed at, but I could see the tour would be less expensive and easier than trying to put together the same trip ourselves. The bus and guides turned out to be great advantages! We saw much more than we would have without the guides and the bus, and never felt trapped. The bus saved us a lot of time over other transportation and was very comfortable and handy as a ’home base’ to stash extra clothing, purchases or things we might want later. We always had a case of bottled water on the bus, and shared snacks. The kids took over the back of the bus, passing iPods back and forth and playing cards on longer trips. Often, we were eager to climb on the bus and sit down and enjoy the AC after a couple of hours of sightseeing. The guides ensured we got to the sites when they were open but less crowded and managed all of our transportation. I hadn’t realized how much time and energy I normally spend while traveling on that, but it made this trip very relaxing and stress-free. We had free time to wander around on our own at most of the major sites (for example we had several hours at the Great Wall). Because each of our guides was also a local resident and rode on the bus with us, we were able to quiz them about their families and how they lived and they were all very friendly and open. The national guide who was with us for the entire trip was a seasoned professional, and took full responsibility for ensuring that each of us was comfortable and having fun every day of the trip. I am a vegetarian and have been to China twice in the past. Based on that experience, I expected to lose weight on this trip, as I have on past trips to China. Instead, I am afraid I ate my way through China. China Spree took us to some good restaurants, and ensured we were well-served. At every meal the guides had notified the restaurant in advance and not only pointed out what was vegetarian when it was brought to the table, but got additional vegetarian dishes just for me. Every meal was different, and most were really delicious. I would recommend China Spree to anyone going to China, particularly anyone who hasn’t been there before and wants to pack a lot of sightseeing into one trip. The China Spree Best Treasures trip is a nice mix of historical sites and natural beauty. An equivalent trip in the US would cover the monuments in Washington DC and the Boston area, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, a steamboat cruise down the Mississippi with a broadway show in New York City - imagine doing that in two weeks! CS: Things that impressed you most on this trip Answer: LongSheng was beautiful, and very interesting. That was my favorite day and site on the trip. After that, I enjoyed visiting the kindergarten next door to the Yao Dong we visited and the lunch in a Hutong household in Beijing. Overall however, our national tour guide was the best thing about our trip. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Jim is a 10. He seemed genuinely happy with his job, friendly, and concerned that each of us have a good time. He is also very practical and an excellent time-manager. He had us everywhere on time, even though he didn’t seem to be watching his watch or worrying about it. He took care of us in every sense, ensuring we had our passports and belongings, drank enough water, put on bug repellant, and avoided pickpocketers. He noticed my daughter had a cold, and offered to take me to a pharmacy to get some remedies, which we did. He recommended some evening events, such as foot massages in Guilin, that were not on the itinerary, even though doing so extended his own working day.
- Victoria, California
China Spree first impressed me with the detail of their website; next with the immediate and helpful responses to all emails during the planning stages of my trip; and finally with the care and consideration shown during my visit. The varied aspects of the tour, emphasizing both city and country life, was impressive. The comfortable accommodations and delicious food were an added bonus. Our Tour Manager, Lucy Yu, is a National Treasure. I will, and indeed have already, recommend China Spree to my friends. CS: Comment on your Tour Manager, using rate 1-10 while 10 is the best Answer: Lucy Yu was pleasant yet exuded confidence. She was obviously knowledgeable and experienced and always gave the impression of being able to resolve any problem. She has a splendid manner of conciliation, being able to cope with all types of personalities.
- Sherry, California
Just returned from The Middle Kingdom Tour -- and cannot say enough great things about China and ChinaSpree. Trip was good -- far, far exceeded my expectations. Other than 13+ hours on the plane, absolutely everything was great. The hotels were all excellent; (wait til you see the Skyway Landis in Shanghai!); the food fun, filling and interesting (one of the very best meals was at the home in the Hutong!); the local guides were all excellent, friendly, informative. We were really shown all the best highlights -- the bus was comfy -- the drivers very good (which they have to be to drive in China!). Our afternoon at the Great Wall was just amazing -- it is almost mystical. All the arrangements by ChinaSpree were done; we never had any delays, or problems checking into/out of hotels; our meals were all ready when we arrived; the local guides were all at hand. Excellent! Now a word about our National Guide (Ming Li) -- she was absolutely, postiively THE BEST!!! Totally professional, attentive to every request, and great fun! She really made the trip as close to perfect as it could be. I’ve traveled on several other tours -- and Ming was by far the best guide ever. She is a true asset to ChinaSpree. I would without hesitation recommend ChinaSpree to anyone planning to travel in China. You certainly cannot match the price -- or the services received! Q:What would you like to say to potential China Spree travelers? Travel with ChinaSpree!! (And learn how to 'hover' ......)
- Maureen, Clinton, NJ
I don’t know how China Spree fits so much in for the price. We kept waiting for a bad hotel, an awful dinner or a boring tour day. It never happened. The organization was incredible. We had plenty of time to enjoy each stop. Our guides couldn’t have been friendlier or more proffesional. The small group size was just right. We had lots of laughs and new experiences.
- Anne S, Tucson, Arizona