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We just came back from our amazing Imperial China Tour with Tibet and Hong Kong and wanted to tell you that we were very pleased with World Spree. The way your company organized this tour was amazing. We had a blast and not a single bad experience during all these unforgettable 24 days. One of the main keys of success of this trip was Kevin, the National Guide. He is an exceptional person and a big asset for your company. He was very knowgeable, hard working, detail oriented person, able to deal with the different requests of our large group, where not every one had the same interests... I will recommend to anyone World Spree for this tour. Continue the good work!! Until the next trip.
- Rafael L
I give my highest praise to Chinaspree! Every aspect of our 8-day timeless Beijing trip was exactly as I wanted it to be. Our tour guide, Lisa, was the cherry on top! :) She was professional, informative and personable! She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our satisfaction. Our driver kept us safe and was also professional and personable. We were seriously impressed by his ability to maneuver our bus through busy Beijing streets. The team before we left kept us well-informed and prepared us in every way. The original reason we decided to book this tour in the first place was the affordable cost combined with the high-quality of the tour. We were not disappointed. Kudos chinaspree/worldspree for setting the bar so high!
- Arlene G, Colorado
CS: What could we have done to make your trip more enjoyable? Answer: My husband and I experience with China Spree was very good. When booking, we had our concerns about ratio price/quality, but our surprise was that everything went good. I would never take this trip without a tour and resulted that this company had everything arranged for us, tickets (we did not have to stay in long lines), restaurants (meal was served in a very short time), shows (we had good seats), Hotels may vary in qualitiy but overall good. Nice experience!
- Patrizia & Roberto, Texas
Dear China Spree, Jack and I have been on other tours but never anything approaching our Sept 2-Sept 16 Yangtze Cruise and Tibet Odyssey. Our guide, Tom Hoyang, was the kindest-hearted person I have ever met, except, possibly, for Penba, our local guide in Lhasa (15 years a monk in the Serra Monastery!)... Between these two well-informed natural teachers (and simply beautiful people) we gained insights into the real soul of the deeply religious Tibetans who have so little but enjoy such inner peace; and into the rapidly changing cultures of the diverse Chinese peoples. I didn’t know what impressions I would come away with, but, after so many exchanges of sincere smiles and so many conversations with the young people, on the river cruise, at restaurants, during massages (wonderful foot and reflexology massages!!) I found the people to be bright, open, gentle and kind. I was stunned with how beautiful and modern Beijing and Shanghai have become! Of course, the old parts of the cities were the most captivating. I loved the ancient temples and palaces, but was most deeply affected by seeing ordinary people living ordinary lives. Our walk through Chongqings Old Town was a favorite, as were our visits to private homes and to the orphanage, under construction in a village outside Lhasa. I could go on and on and never begin to highlight all the wonders which are still dominating most of my waking hours. I still can’t believe all we experienced in such a short time. Our group of 16 delightful travel companions has made us many permanent new friends. Like so many of the testimonials, I, too, would like to express my appreciation for receiving so much at such an affordable price! Thank you, China Spree!!
- Sandra & Jack L, Weidman, Michigan
We just returned from the 14 day China's Best Treasures tour. I have questioned the validity of testimonials from companies over concern that they were written by the tour company and not individuals who had actually taken the tours so I did not put full faith in those on the Chinaspree website but they ended up being correct. I have traveled a lot over the years and this was the best trip that I have ever taken. The tour guides, hotels, itinerary, airlines, and food were all exceptional with not one complaint. The small size of the Chinaspree tours was extremely critical to the success of the trip. There was no time wasted dealing with large groups. There was intimate contact with the tour guides greatly enhancing the experience. The days were packed with activities and no time was wasted. We went all the way to China to experience everything and we did. You truly wonder how they can give you everything they did for the price. I will definitely take another Chinaspree tour at some future time as there are many other areas of China to see. This was written by a true traveler who prior to finding Chinaspree on the internet did not know of their existence so it is unbiased. Gerald Karpman Camarillo, CA
- Gerald K, Camarillo, CA
China Spree provided an excellent tour of many great sights of China. Superb hotels, very good restaurants, on time transportation and our wonderful tour guide Jo. She was very knowledgeable and caring and coordinated the tour so that it ran very smoothly. The price was superior considering all the things that were included, i.e. hotels, transportation, meals, theater, and the museums and places visited.
- Ronald M
Incredible! This is my 3rd trip to China with Chinaspree/ Worldspree. The selected itinerary did not leave anything out! We saw and became a part of the fascinating Chinese culture. It was amazing and the best run and organized tour that I have ever taken! The national tour guide, Jim, went above and beyond to be sure that everyone was having a great experience. He was the best!
- Marjorie D
Incredible! This is my 3rd trip to China with Chinaspree/ Worldspree. The selected itinerary did not leave anything out! We saw and became a part of the fascinating Chinese culture. It was amazing and the best run and organized tour that I have ever taken! The national tour guide, Jim, went above and beyond to be sure that everyone was having a great experience. He was the best!
- Marjorie D
Our group of 19 travels had a wonderful time in China on the 15 day China's Best Treasures tour and Huangshan extension. Our national guide Jo Zhou was exceptional. She worked her magic and figured out ways that one member in our group who was injured and in a wheelchair and crutches was able to do so many things while there (Great Wall, Li River, restaurants, Longsheng, etc.). She ordered a camera battery and poncho for the rain for the wheelchair person and had it shipped to the hotel overnight, she spent some of her free time helping us find restaurants to eat and how to use the subway and all in such a caring and thoughtful manner. She became part of our family. The hotels were excellent and the many of the meals were really good. The sites and pace of the tour was perfect. I highly recommend World Spree for touring China especially if you get a guide as great as Jo.
- Deborah C
If you had 6 stars that what you would get!!!!!
- Jack S
I highly recommend World Spree. I have gone on two tours. World Spree offers first class accommodations, wonderful little extras, fabulous guides and an in-depth cultural experience. One is offered a lot for what the trip costs. It always amazes me when comparing to other tour groups. I am looking forward to my next World Spree tour!
- Marinela B
This package is the real deal. I had never used them before and was somewhat skeptical as to how the price could be so reasonable. World Spree has put together an amazing program, that helped me to understand India and to really love the people. As the United States, we have daily dealings with people in/from India because of their immense work force, here locally and abroad. This trip provided insight into the culture and history of the people. Our tour leader could not have been more knowledgeable or more helpful. All of our needs were taken into consideration. The hotels were fantastic, the local tour guides for the tiger park were terrific at finding the places where the tigers might be, there was just enough time for shopping without overdoing it - this package has it all and I would highly recommend it for anyone that loves adventure and learning new things.
- Robert F
We loved this tour!! We are older travelers (68 and 69 respectively) and have traveled fairly extensively around the world, generally on an independent basis. However, we found that your tour afforded us an excellent opportunity to see and better understand the sites at each stop than we ever could have done as independent travelers. This tour of both Vietnam and Cambodia is very comprehensive and rich, and well-paced. Our guides (Tour Managers) Quang and Proney were absolutely the best. They made each site come alive.
- George S
Our experience with World Spree was excellent. The tour guide, Lisa, was exceptional and we enjoyed everything about our trip. We recognized going to China would require an acceptance of a different culture and food we normally do not eat. There was more food than we could possibly eat and plenty of time to eat it. We are grateful for the experience and all the things that we saw. An amazing country and the people were friendly and welcoming. We will tell our friends!
- Keith B
Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. The group we were with (17) become fast friends. We caught and enjoyed the sights together. The meals were like a huge family outing. The sights, history, cities, food, people over all experience for my wife and I were beyond compare. If offered and could afford to do this trip again, as my wife would say, in a nanosecond.As NIKE says, just do it.
- Mrs. Tate
Go! Tomorrow is not guaranteed! If you enjoy trying new things, a desire to learn about other cultures outside your norm, and have an open mind, you will not be disappointed. We felt very safe and were taken care of very well. Everyone we met was friendly and welcoming. Adapt to their culture and try something new.
- Thomas A
This company has got it right - Great trips, excellent quality, awesome guides, accommodations and food. Best thing is they give back to the communities they take you too and get you closer to the people. They are a top class travel company from start to finish.
- Neil M
We can't say enough about the Viet Nam tour we did with World Spree. It was first class all the way. WE had a wonderful tour leader and a great time. Great Job World Spree!! Do are very well taken care of. World Spree takes all your concerns away before you even have them.
- Ronald Y
China Spree is a rare kind of travel company. They deliver everything they commit to and much more. They are an extraordinarily customer-focused company, with employees / guides who go beyond what is expected of them to ensure the tourists who travel with them have a rich and rewarding experience. As for cost, we found very little difference with other companies, in fact, China Spree is cheaper than some of the other companies, but the value they provide for the money is outstanding.
- Sumit D, Texas
The 21 day China Panorama was fabulous and better that I ever imagined. I saw so may interesting places, met local people, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. China Spree makes traveling easy. The National Guide takes care of tips, meal planning, and luggage, making my time free to enjoy each day. I could not have taken this trip on my own in 21 days for the cost I paid China Spree. This was a once in a life time visit to China of which I have only happy, pleasant fun-filled memories.
- Linda T, Arizona