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What a fabulous trip we had! World Spree planned great sights to see, accommodations and restaurants were outstanding, and each day was filled with a new adventure. The tour guides were outstanding, very knowledgeable about the countries customs and histories, and shared their personal life experiences. They are truly outstanding professionals! We loved every minute of our time in Indochina!
- Victor & Susan G
We purchased the 16 day Luxury trip to China and it was well worth the extra money. Our guides spoke very good English and were very knowledgeable. The hotels we stayed at were top quality. We traveled by van rather than a bus. The special restaurants we went to in each city was great for experiencing the local food. We received extra special treatment on the Yangtze River Cruise. We had executive room, private shore excursions and a special dining room. Our schedule was flexible and we could change it as we needed. Overall you could not ask for a better trip that the one provided for us by China Spree!!!!
- John & Barbara W, Florida
I was amazed at the top quality of the entire China Spree Tour. Everything was well researched and considered. I would say, you did an outstanding job, as the entire touring package was seamless, thanks to your choices, especially, our particular guide, Julie, the entire Middle Kingdom Tour was a 'Fantastic Adventure,' jam packed with so many memorable experiences. Really, can't think of anything I didn't enjoy.
- Karen V, Florida
China Spree offers the most comprehensive trip experience for the best price. I liked that the groups were not huge and that the pace was considered active. We came away with a much broader understanding of the nation as a whole. Our National Guide, Jim, was very organized and expedited our travels to maximize our experience. He attended to all the details and called ahead so all was ready and waiting for us at hotels, restaurants, tours, etc. He is also very friendly, informative and fun to travel with. He helped our group bond as a unit and also provided assistance to travelers with specific needs. He did an amazing job! We would definitely use China/World Spree again! Our tour was well-priced and included all the places we wanted to see. Our excellent hotels in great locations, great meals, tours and attractions and visits with local people made this tour one of our all time favorites. Being in a smaller group size and the use of the 'whisper' headset was so much nicer than some of the large tours we have been on. We loved meeting local guides in each city and learning about each region we visited. We learned so much!
- Pamela C, California
If you are going to China, definitely consider traveling with China Spree. China is a beautiful country with unbelievable sights and things to do. The Chinese people are so friendly. During our 17 Day Grand China & Yangtzee Tour we did not have one mishap with buses, hotels, airplane flights, etc. The tour guides were phenomenal (all so knowledgeable and polite). All the hotels were 5-star hotels with extraordinary accommodations and delicious full course Western-style breakfasts. The MV Victoria was also magnificent. All the amazing sightseeing tours, shows were included and entire trip was a great value for your money! We will never top this trip! We would recommend China Spree to everyone wishing to go to China.
- Diane O, New York
This was a great value for all we got, and we really were able to learn so much about China in all areas. Our tour guide Betty was the main reason for such memorable trip. China Spree is a excellent company to deal with in all areas. From the planning to the end, just fabulous!!
- Arlene R, New York
Just back from our wonderful trip to China. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Just loved the balance of cities highlighting both the 'past, present and future of China'. Hotels were outstanding. Most notable was our outstanding national guide Lucy Lui!! I cannot say enough nice things about her. Lucy is a delight with excellent emotional intelligence that allows her to meet the unique needs of a variety of personalities. She goes above and beyond to meet the unique needs of the group. She is knowledgeable and fun! She is worth ten times her weight in gold!! All local guides were good but also to be commended are local guides Leo in Xian and Heather in Guilin for their exceptional knowledge . All in all this was a great experience.
- Michele C, New York
This trip exceeded my expectations! Our highlights were going to the part of the Great Wall where there was no crowd and also the company of our National Guide (Betty). She made the trip exceptional and did a great job. It was more like she was family traveling with us as opposed to our tour guide. Betty was awesome. China was a great cultural experience. The Chinese people are as curious about our culture and people as we are of theirs. They are very nice people, and China Spree did a great job in preparing us for our trip, and a great job on the agenda. Our whole family recommends this company!
- William M, Ohio
I was very impressed with the inclusiveness and overall organization of China Spree tours. The whole trip/itinerary was fantastic.... the Great Wall is just amazing. Jo is an outstanding asset to the China Spree tour. She is not only competent in keeping the tour group pleasantly traveling in a timely manner, she is masterfully skillful in relating tour site information and using personal and familial history in giving China a real perspective. The strength and charm of her personality cannot be overemphasized! It was much appreciated how she was always looking to make sure the group was satisfied, content, and accommodated for individual needs. China Spree put together and delivered a fantastic trip to China....and at a terrific value, too!
- Mark R, Connecticut
This trip exceeded my expectations! There was something new and unique every day. We also called our guide 'Kevin the Wonder Guide'. He was exceptional in every possible way -- a real treasure who contributed so much to the success of our trip! I can honestly say that he was perfect for us. All the local guides were excellent. We had an amazing trip. China Spree offers incomparable value. I didn't even realize everything that was included until I got there. I have traveled extensively, and I give China Spree an A+ rating!
- Sally S, Florida
This is an EXCELLENT travel company to travel with! China Spree exceeded my expectations! Our tour guide Betty got to know everyone quickly; their health needs (allergies, difficulty walking etc.)She paid attention to the things people were interested in or something special they were looking for. She was extremely intelligent, personable, attentive, patient, and caring. The trip couldn't have been better. We plan on checking out your World Spree trips!
- Edward K, California
My wife and I have just returned from an absolutely fabulous and enchanting tour of China provided by China Spree/World Spree. We took the luxury tour- the 18 day China's Imperial Wonders & Yangtze and it was nothing short of incredible. We stayed at 2 Ritz Carlton's and 3 Shangra-La Hotels- all 5 star hotels. The accommodations, the food, the itinerary, the guides and transportation were terrific. We did a lot of research before taking this trip, and the value you get from China Spree is far better than any other tour you can find. As seasoned international travelers, we have become quite familiar with the various tour operators, and China Spree/World Spree are simply fantastic. If you ever wanted to see China, this is the tour to take. We are looking forward to taking other tours provided by World Spree.
- David S, New York
My China Spree tour to China/Hong Kong was outstanding. Our guide, Lucy, was the best tour leader I have ever had in the 21 countries I have visited. The hotel accommodation and food were all excellent (5 star, by US standards). I would recommend this trip to anyone. China is a great place to visit. Lots of people, but lots of culture and history to experience. The streets are clean and well maintained and most signs are in Chinese and English so you feel a sense of home. The food was excellent and the hotels were outstanding. Seeing the majesty of the Great Wall, Tera cotta Warriors and the Giant Pandas leaves one in awe. China Spree came through on everything they promised in the info on their website.
- Sylvia D, California
This trip exceeded all my expectations and was the best escorted tour I have been on. The quality of the hotels was excellent they were all 5 stars to 4.5 stars and we ended up being spoiled by the luxury which we would not have expected on a trip that was so reasonably priced. I came back from this trip becoming an admirer of the Chinese people. I was so impressed with the beauty of the country and of the people. The country is absolutely beautiful and so well maintained and clean. There is so much to see in China that one trip is just not enough. I will highly encourage Americans to explore China and do it with China Spree. The quality of the service and the knowledge of the guides was superb and made the whole trip an experience I will not forget.
- Nishat S, Rhode Island
Based on the price of the tour...and everything that was included in that price...we probably would have been highly suspicious of the quality of travel, hotels, meals, service, and tour guides. However, since we heard about China Spree on Clark Howard's website (who advises readers/listeners/viewers on 'how to save money and avoid getting ripped off') we were confident that it would not be a total rip-off. Still, our expectations were 'guarded.' We were blown away by every aspect of the tour, starting with how thoroughly China Spree prepared us for the adventure. The flight to Beijing on a Boeing 777 was superb (as were all other flights). The hotels were first class, and the buffet breakfasts at the hotels were outstanding in every way The meals were uniformly top quality. The itinerary was packed with very interesting sights and adventures. Our tour guide was exceptional. And we met lots of very nice fellow travelers. All in all, it was an unforgettable experience.
- Michael & Brenda R, Georgia
Our highlight was visiting our son, who is studying in Beijing. That had nothing to do with China Spree, but we did appreciate the fact that China Spree helped us to do both, but accommodating our desire to stay extra days in Beijing (after flying up from Shanghi with our group) while booking our return flight as usual--only a few days later. I’d say the highlight of the China Spree part of the trip, beyond the sights and planned experiences (which were wonderful) was the guides themselves (both local and national) and their wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it. Additionally, the planned experiences that included visiting people in their own homes and having time to question them. China Spree/World Spree does a wonderful job at planning and conducting a visit to an amazing country. In fact, how they can achieve such quality and variety and personalized experiences at such an affordable price is really a wonder. The tour guides become your personal friends who one would welcome them into one’s own home as guests if they were to visit No. America (and we do invite them to be our guests). They are all knowledgeable, warm, hard-working and interesting people. The planned tours and events are all those that one doesn’t want to miss, but China Spree also offers other personal experiences--a visit to a family’s home, a rickshaw ride down a neighborhood street, local guides who know the area and the people, and a chance to talk with people about their thoughts and their lives. The hotels and transportation are all first rate, and the meals, including western buffet breakfasts, are excellent and carefully thought out. China is a big country with many people and many differences from our way of life in North America, but one always feels welcome, informed and safe with the the China/World Spree tour guides. One hopes for a great experience when making such an extensive trip, and China/World Spree offers just that.
- Lawrence & Marilyn J, California
China Spree definitely exceeded our expectations. The hotels we stayed in were all top rated hotels. Our tour guide KEVIN was incredible. He was knowledgeable, articulate, pleasant, well organized and he was very accommodating. He made sure that our needs were met accordingly. He had a great relationship with hotel management, Air China and restaurants. The buffet at the hotels were excellent and had a great variety. The Beijing duck dinner was the best I ever had. CHINA SPREE EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS. THE HOTELS ARE ALL 5 STAR ACCOMMODATIONS AND THE OVERALL EXPERIENCE WAS SOMETHING WE WILL ALWAYS CHERISH. OUR TOUR GUIDE KEVIN WAS THE BEST. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET BOOKING WITH CHINA SPREE. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!
- Abraham & Estrellita B, California
Go to China! It’s a great adventure. Our China Spree tour was a great experience. Our tour guide, Julie, was excellent. She was our Mother Hen, our Mamma Bear, and the head of our 'sticky rice family' of 23 for the 15 day tour. She has magic powers, always knowing where the 22 of us were. She went above and beyond daily to be sure our needs were met. We enjoyed learning new Chinese words each day and listening to her stories about Chinese history and culture. The sights were incredible, the accommodations and the food were excellent. We were amazed at the quality of the tour for the price we paid. We would recommend a China Spree tour to anyone.
- Richard & Kathleen J, Minnesota
Regarding Tour Guide: Song Peng who also goes by the nickname 'Nick' (jokingly referred to as a tour god)--I honestly cannot say enough good things about Peng. He corralled 31 people (his China Spree family) through crazy traffic and heavily congested streets like 'sticky rice' for 10 days seamlessly. He accommodated, catered to, and exceeded the expectations of our group without fail. We had old (experienced), young, families, couples, and singles in our group. He had to work with lots of different people, backgrounds, and interests. His witty yet knowledgeable approach made this trip, a trip of a lifetime! We could not have done this trip without China Spree, but more importantly not without Peng. I could do an entire review just on Peng. He opened our eyes and hearts to his China. He took time out from his 'free time' to take people around on a 'detour' to see the oldest street / market in his home city of Xi'an just because we were interested in seeing and learning more. Peng showed off his town and country with great joy and pride. The sites and cities: The Middle-Kingdom tour is a jam packed 12 days that's for sure. The accommodations: All were clean, centrally located to shops and markets, and large by most standards. All of the hotels came with a bathtub and sometimes a shower and a tub. Definitely a luxury if you have traveled in Europe. Finally, let me address what my biggest concern was going into the trip--the food. I am a picky eater and was genuinely concerned about 'what would I eat without appearing disrespectful?' I can tell you--plenty! There was always a great variety of food, and it was served family-style on a 'lazy Susan.' You can select what you want to eat easily without offending your hosts. We had many great meals; from the home cooked meal in the Hutong area of Beijing, to the Muslim Chinese food in Xi'an. So if you have read this far and you are still on the fence about booking with China Spree, I say DO IT! You won't regret it. It truly is a trip of a lifetime!
- Jeffrey & Dayna R, California
It is a friendly beautiful country. It is a once in a lifetime experience and value priced. The trip exceeded our expectations. Kevin, (tour guide) was perfectly balanced guide. He was knowledgeable funny, and always available. He was always checking to make sure everyone was enjoying the trip. He went above and beyond on our trip. His love and pride of his country was inspiring. Everyday, he was organized and excited to show us China. He could handle all the different nationalities and personalities in our group. He exhibited a tremendous amount of knowledge along with sharing funny stories.
- Lewis & Lori S, Maryland