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We booked our trip pretty blindly, based only on the recomendation of a couple that we met on a cruise. From our first encounter with the first person at China Spree, we felt safe, secure and well taken care of. Everyone was helpful and knowledgable. The trip was so much more than I ever could have expected. We had a wonderful tour guide, a wonderful group of 22 travelers that didn't take long to blend into one big happy family, wonderful clear weather and we found at least one western style toilet everywhere we went. The trip consisted of alot of contrasts. We had the perfect mix of history lesson, art, architecture, natural beauty and native culture. We visited the splendor of the forbidden city and then toured a Hutong (working class)local courtyard section of town and had lunch prepared for us by a local family. We visited the 4 story cultural museum in Shanghai and learned the art of bargaining with local street vendors. The Greal Wall and the terra cotta warriors defy description. I was awed by both. Seeing the process of silk making from the pupea chomping of the mulberry leaves to the silk being woven was facinating. Every morning, we would think to ourselves, what more could there possibly be to see, and then at the end of the day we would fall into bed exhausted and amazed at all that we had experienced that day. What a great trip! CS:Comment on your tour guide Answer: Ron had an uncanny ability to show up beside you right when you had a question. We would be standing there looking at something and suddenly Ron was there to explain what we were looking at. He was able to get us aisle sits on every flight, which I thought was amazing. We enjoyed his knowledge and frankness about conditions in China, in the past and the present. While all around us tour guides were yelling trying to keep their groups together, Ron had a clap rythmn that he used that was easy to identify. He had us trained like Pavlovs dogs, Ron would clap and 22 heads would pop up and we we all gather around. It was such an efficient way to gather. It didn't take long for some of the kids in our group to take over the clapping rythmn for him. CS:Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Just do it and be prepared to go with the flow.
- Sharon S, Oregon
From the outset of my tour, I took notice of the quality of communications from tour guides and the mutual respect bewteen tour guides in China and the owner of this company, Wilson Wu. The guides could very well have been owners of the company themselves! They delivered on Mr. Wu's tenets of excellence, customer service and value that are set forth in his letter on the China Spree home page. It was a wonderful experience. . CS:Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Old Chinese proverb: Tell me, I may hear. Show me, I may see. Involve me and I'll understand.
- Drozd Jr L, California
Just returned from china tour 8days Tale of Two cities. Wanted to let you know that our tour guide Ronald Wang was the most fabulous, knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide I have ever met. He was our guide throughout the entire trip and I feel that it gave continuity on the material he was sharing. His expertise at keeping our group together and giving details during each leg of the tour was great. My friends and I are already talking about returning next year or the year after. In Shanghai we also were introduced to Sue who was getting pointers from Ron. She was very delightful. Thank you for making this trip so awesome with the accommodations and choice of eating establishments. Sincerely, Teresa
- Teresa L, California
An excellent overall value. This is an adventure more than a relaxing vacation. The people are friendly and gracious. If you can connect with local people by all means do so. It will enhance your trip immensely. Do some research into the history of the places you will be visiting to get the most out of your experience. The people in your tour group will be equally wonderful. We likely made some life long friends by being open and willing to share our experiences with others. This is the deal of a lifetime for the money. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Read, research, and be humble. Go with as few preconceptions as possible and enjoy the people and culture. Try new things and don't limit yourself. When will you ever be in China again?
- Shelly & Kevin M, California
Best value of any tour I have ever taken. Hotels accommodations were spectacular. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Go and enjoy this amazing country.
- Stephen S, Colorado
CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Should a potential traveler be on the fence about booking with China Spree. There is no need to worry, if you read reviews they are about 99% great reviews. It speaks volumes about China Spree! You heard the term 'You get what you paid for'...well, in this case 'you get so much more than what you paid for' Through China Spree.
- Garcia A & Rivera C, Georgia
I was initially apprehensive about the China Spree tour to Beijing because I couldn't believe that quality and activities for the proposed trip could be provided for the cost listed. Everything went like clockwork with my flight arrangements, upon arriving in Beijing the hotel was excellent as far as amenities and location. Our tour guide, Lisa, was knowledgable and very careful to ensure that we had a safe and enjoyable experience in China and the tours were fantastic. China Spree delivered exactly what they promised and definitely exceeded my expectations. CS: Comment on your tour guide Answer: Lisa related personal experiences as well as recounting historical facts to make the China experience more substantial. She also appropriately used humor to make the trip fun and interesting.
- Genie S, Florida
My mother, aunt, uncle, cousin and I recently returned from the Middle Kingdom tour led by the wonderful national guide, Ronald Wang. The trip was truly one of the most memorable, well executed, and inspiring experiences of my life. China Spree works with outstanding hotels, restaurants, guides, and entertainment programs. The itinerary allowed us to visit all the major sites (Great Wall, Terra Cotta Warriors, West Lake, Tiananmen Square, etc) without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The highlight of the trip was definitely Ronald. Ronald went over and above any expectation to provide us with a comfortable, organized, and friendly experience. His knowledge of all the sites, as well as China history and culture, led me to refer to him as Professor Ron by the end of the trip. We truly felt like we were a part of his family, and that we were receiving a personal tour of his country. I highly recommend China Spree and Ronald. When I return to China to visit other parts, it will definitely be on a China Spree tour led by Ronald.
- Grace T, Chicago
Good day, My 12-year-old son and I recently arrived back home from the Middle Kingdom tour I was on with my karate club, Purple Dragon. I thought you should know how happy we were with China Spree. The trip was extremely well organized and well thought-out. We saw a great number of attractions in a short period of time. Also, the food and accommodations were great. Our guide, Jing, was particularly effective. She did not miss a single detail and worked tirelessly to attend to everyone's needs. Everyone on the trip got personal attention from her, and she was smiling and willing to help regardless of what time of day it was. She is genuinely a treasure and an asset to your company. Feel free to post my review on your website if you care to. Yours truly, Sandra Filosof
- Sandra F
China Spree offers a great itinerary at a fantastic price. Their Cultural InSites program provides an education and view into the local life of the area. You are provided with tours of other cities that are not available with other tour companies. If there are any problems or concerns, all you have to do is notify the guides. They will in turn inform China Spree (Wilson Wu), and the problem will be solved. I am highly impressed!! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: My family & I were all impressed with China Spree's professionalism in and out of the office,the quality of tours & guide were all fantastic, 99% of the hotels were 5 star. You truly get great value for every penny you pay. I would highly recommend China Spree to anyone that is looking for quality & value in a tour company. If China Spree offered tours to other countries I would definitely use them.
- Mark Chan & Debra Y, California
We really did not know what to expect with our trip to China, but it exceeded any expectations we had! It was an amazing journey, with a great balance of historical sights and cultural experiences. We saw all of the major sights (Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace,etc.) but also experienced a meal in a local resident’s home, attended cooking school, went to a market where locals shop, visited rural homes, and learned how silk was made. We also really liked the itinerary of our 14 day China’s Best Treasures as we went from urban areas, to the countryside for a breath of fresh air, and then on to Shanghai. We covered so much ground. Our guides were all excellent! Very well informed, professional and efficient and aimed to please. Our days were well planned to avoid huge crowds and maximize our time. We had a nice group of 12 people of various ages ranging from 14 to 79. Overall a wonderful experience! I would highly recommend China Spree. CS: Was there a particular highlight of your China trip you wish to share? Answer: Loved taking little bus over mountain pass to Longsheng and the hike in the mountains. The scenery was fantastic, people interesting. I felt a million miles away from home. I also liked the bike ride in Yangshuo, but I am an active person and enjoy physical activity. CS: Comment on your National guide Answer: Lucy was excellent, because she was always willing to help whatever was requested. She was friendly, sweet, positive, and enthusiastic and very well informed. She went out of her way to help us track down our lost luggage. She was available at any time of day or night.
- Dora Anita S & Kyle M, Michigan
China Spree exceed my expectations. Their guides were of very high caliber and they were quite well organized. This is a complex trip with many stops, many restaurants, many sights, etc. but China Spree’s ability to handle the complex logistics well made it seem to flow easily. CS: Comment on your tour guides Answer: Xin was the backbone of this trip. She was one of the hardest working, most caring and open guides I have ever met. She seemed to genuinely care about our well being and was always there when we needed her. She was sensitive to our needs and physical condition (most of us were around 70 years). There were 2 incidents (flight cancelled, group member lost passport) where she remained calm and solved the problem in a mature and professioinal manner. We appreciated her so much that we gave her 2 1/2X the suggested tip. We felt very lucky to have her as our guild. You are lucky to have her as an employee. The local guides were very knowledgable and intelligent. The did a good job at teaching us about the Chinese culture and traditions. All were fluent in English and were always ready to answer our questions. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: I have not traveled with the competitors so I can’t compare, but I don’t think we could have done any better AND considering all you got, the price was very reasonable.
- Steven & Judith G, Florida
We have taken over half dozen conducted travel tours in various countries - Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Kenya, Europe etc. This was the best conducted tour, well above expectations. The arrangements, hotels, itinerary with the an excellent National guide made the difference!! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Use the best in business - China Spree!!
- Rajendra P & Purnima D, Texas
The expectation for a trip normally exceedes the acctual trip. Our China Spree vacation exceeded, in every way,all of our expectations and more. Thank you for a most remarkable trip. CS: Comment on your National guide Answer: There was NEVER a time when Victor didn't have EVERYTHING totally under control for all of us CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: We would highly recommend China Spree to anyone wanting an exceptional vacation at reasonable prices. China Spree includes so many more sites to see than any other company. It's not a trip for people who don't like to walk and hike up steep places. And there isn't much free time, which we were so happy. In a foreign country, we like to have a guide. And even on our Free time Victor would offer to take whomever to some places not on the list of sites.
- Judy & John L, California
i still cannot figure out how you provided such great food, hotels, tour guides while including all the sites, side trips and entertainment for the money we spent.we have traveled with tauck and viking and found china spree the overall best value. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: run, don’t walk to book your trip to china with china spree.
- Robert & Theodora, R
WIlson and your entire team.... We will respond to the survey later, but just wanted to thank all the folks at ChinaSpree for a fantastic experience that GREATLY exceeded our high expectations. A special thanks goes out to Jayson Gao, the National Guide on our trip to China and Tibet. It was not only Jayson's personality that made the trip terrific, but also his professionalism and ability to keep the group/trip on track. Everyone we encountered from the folks in Washington to all the local guides were most helpful, knowledgeable and people you wanted to talk to. I'm a very experienced business traveler who has avoided tours for many years. Our physician, Dr. Gary xxxxx recommended China Spree, but I was very skeptical. Dr. xxxxx was right and I was in for a wonderful surprise. The China Spree trip was something special. Now I wish you folks had tours to other parts of the world. We'd be signing up for them. Please feel fee to use Winnie or me as a reference. Best wishes for a great year and the success of your firm and people...
- Bruce R, Marblehead, Massachusetts
It was an amazing trip of a lifetime, the people of China are warm and welcoming to their guests, the sights and history were dazzling. The guides (national and local) were very knowledgable and made everything seem effortless. It was the first tour I have ever been on and was well worth the price. I could not have arranged such an extensive trip myself! CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: GO, you will be amazed!
- Joyce H, Arizona
We are adventurous travelers that have seen much of the world, and we’d never taken part in a group tour like this. We were delighted with the trip in every way. It requires giving up a little autonomy, but you end up seeing and doing so much more when you place yourselves in the hands of such experienced guides. Our group was wonderful. We not only saw a splendid new part of our world, we made many new friends. CS: Comment on your National Guide. Answer: I honestly can’t think of a single way Julie could have done a better job. Everyone in our group loved Julie. She worked hard for us around the clock. It was very clear she cared deeply that we enjoy our trip. She was always pleasant and enthusiastic, and on the few occasions where it looked like something might not be going as it should (if a restaurant or facility wasn’t doing it’s job properly), she protected us like a mama bear, insisting that we received the best treatment. She was insightful, and displayed a deep understanding of not only Chinese culture, but Western Culture, too, and was able to communicate that knowledge very well. Julie is one of the main reasons our trip was so wonderful. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Great value (don’t know how they do it). It’s a 'must do' trip.
- Paul L & Bridget R, California
CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? It is a cultural experience not to be missed. I learned so much about the culture and people and found the people warm, friendly and accepting and the cultural heritage indescribable. I cannot say enough about how much China has to offer from its past and present to the world. At one point, I am speaking in a video to someone and I quote myself, 'I'm just about amazed out at this country'. That's how it was. I am a well-traveled person, and this trip has been the highlight of my travel experiences. I wish to go back. Don't miss it. See the past and the future rolled into one.
- Paula P & Gema G, California
China Spree was exceptional. I read many testimonials and was doubtful, but it’s all true and more. The guides, hotels and features are all first rate. The guides and bus driver were extremely trustworthy. We all left our valuables in the bus on many occasions and never had a problem. I would recommend to all very highly. CS: Comment on your National guide Answer: Jim was superb in every way! I’m a prosecutor and regularly work with colleagues in the Courts, law enforcement and schools. I have already recommeded China Spree to many people, and specifically note that Jim should be requested. Jim was expert in every way. He was kind, sincere, thorough and always kept track of us without becomming overbearing. He was exceedingly knowledgable and we really loved his songs. I consider him a friend. CS: Based on your experience from this trip what would you like to say to potential travelers to China? Answer: Just do it - It was one of the best two-weeks of my life. I went with my 15- year old son as an educational experience for him and ended up learning just as much, if not more, than he did. Our group was awesome. Everyone got along and became friends by the time we finished. I would go with China Spree again and will recommend to my family and friends. Ask for Jim Mao if possible - He is the perfect national guide.
- Raquel M & Hans B, California