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The Middle Kingdom, Shaolin Temple & Yellow Mountain 2019

Cities: Beijing (3), Xian (2), Luoyang (1), Shanghai (4), Optional Suzhou & Tongli, Hangzhou (1), Yellow Mountain (2)
$2,679 per person


Ancient China called itself the "Middle Kingdom." In ages past, the custodians of the Middle Kingdom savored with certainty that they occupied the space at the very center of the world; other cultures simply revolved around its perimeter.

This 15-day phenomenal itinerary presents China's key highlights. Theitinerary covers the amazing landscape and China's dynamic capitals, culturaland art centers, commercial ports, modern metropolis that played importantroles in China's past 2,000 years. Look behind the facade of modern China on anadventure that travels the highway of Chinese history. If experiencing China'scultural and natural delight is the priority of your journey, then this is thetrip for you.

Your journey starts from "Capital Beijing" to discover itsmodern architectures and the timeless imperial treasures including theForbidden City and the Great Wall. Continue to Xian in Central China to admireChina's first emperor's 6,000 life-sized Terra-cotta Warriors. The largest andmost impressive collection of Chinese art in Longmen Grottoes of Luoyang representthe high point of Chinese stone carving and the visit to Shaolin Temple let youexperience the origin of Chinese Kung Fu. Next stop of our memorable trip is Shanghai, China's most modern metropolis. The optional tour to visit Suzhou's elegant classic gardens, canals and silk production. Then take a cruise onthe legendary West Lake and taste the "Dragon Well" Tea at Hangzhou,which is, according to Marco Polo, "the city of Heaven, the mostmagnificent in all the world." Yellow Mountain climbing provide you witha great opportunity to enjoy the stunning view of the nature. 

What's Included?

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