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Terms & Conditions

Passenger Information

The traveler must enter all their names on their booking reservation exactly as how they appear on their government-issued passport that will be used for traveling. If names do not exactly match, the traveler may be denied boarding at the airport. World Spree Travel is not responsible for verifying the traveler's names. If a name change is required, refer to the section labeled Airline Name Changes.

Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they have the proper travel documents and MUST CHECK with the respective consulate(s) or visa agency to determine whether any visas are required. Passports are required to be valid for at least 6 months after the traveler's return date.


Prices are per person based upon shared twin room occupancy. Prices do not include items of a personal nature such as laundry, alcohol, water, beverages, optional extensions & excursions, passport & visa fees, excess baggage fees, advance seat reservations, gratuities, items not specifically mentioned in the itinerary and travel protection. Prices are correct at time of publication; however, as airfares continually fluctuate and classes of service may have limited capacity, tour package prices and availability will change accordingly. In case of human or computer error, World Spree Travel reserves the right to re-invoice for the correct price or service. A full refund will be made to passengers who choose not to pay an increase, provided World Spree receives a written cancellation within five days of the price increase notification.


A non-refundable deposit per traveler is due at the time of reservation. To secure a reservation on a trip departing within 75 days, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Final Payment

Final payment is due 75 days prior to the departure date.

Late Payment

If there is any outstanding balance by the Final Payment due date listed on the invoice, all travel services will be subject to automatic cancellation. A service reinstatement fee of $50 will be added to the invoice and must be paid in advance in order to apply for reconfirmation of services.

Form of Payment

US Dollar check, bank check, money order, wire transfer or major credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment. Credit card payments can only be made online and will not be accepted over the phone. Payments made by wire transfer must include a $25 wire transfer fee. There is a $50 fee for returned checks.

Cancellation & Refund

Notification of a tour cancellation for any reason must be in writing. Verbal cancellation is not acceptable. If the traveler does not receive an acknowledgement of the cancellation within 2 business days, call 1-866-652-5656 to ensure the cancellation was received. Cancellation terms will be applied based on the date that the written cancellation is received. Refunds are processed to the credit card(s) originally used for payment, up to the total amount paid, with any remaining balance paid by US Dollar check.

Travelers unable to complete the vacation for any reason acknowledge that any and all unused portions of the travel package is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Cancellation penalties apply to packages and/or services as indicated below.

All destinations

Cancellation Fees
75 days or more Deposit Non-Refundable
74-61 days prior to departure 50% of package price
60-15 days prior to departure 75% of package price
14-0 days prior to departure 100% of package price

For cancellations made within 75 days that affect the room configuration by incurring a single supplement charge to a roommate, the single supplement cost will be deducted from the travelers' refund. If the cancellation is made outside 75 days, the roommate will have to pay the single room supplement or find a new roommate.

Traveler voluntary cancellations due to political instability, acts of terrorism, government intervention or US State Department warning will be subject to the above cancellation fees.

A $500 penalty per person is assessed, in addition to the above penalties, for cancellation of Business Class seats.

Reservation Changes

Changes to an existing reservation will incur a minimum $50 per person plus any additional fees from World Spree's suppliers. This includes name changes, date changes and removal of any services such as optional tours, extensions and transfers. Changes or additions after departure are subject to local rates at the time of amendment and must be paid directly by the traveler to the service provider. There are no refunds for unused services. Changes that affect flights including change of traveler name, departure date, or return date usually require the purchase of new airline tickets.

Airline Name Changes

Any name change, including minor spelling corrections, may require airline reservations to be canceled and rebooked. Reservations are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of rebooking. Once airline tickets are issued, subsequent name corrections will be subject to an airline rebooking fee which may be as much as the full value of the airline ticket plus a $50 service fee per change. World Spree will not be held responsible for the denial of service by an airline carrier due to any name discrepancy. Name changes must be advised in writing and forwarded to

Travel Protection

World Spree recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. Travel protection plans can include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more.

Tour Materialization

World Spree's package tours require a minimum number of passengers in order to operate. In the unlikely event that a specific departure must be cancelled due to lack of participation, World Spree will notify all confirmed passengers prior to the final payment due date, and offer alternate dates of travel or a full refund. Travelers are advised to not purchase any US and/or Canadian domestic connecting flights, or other services which are dependent upon the operation of their package tour, until the tour is guaranteed. World Spree will not be held liable for any costs related to the cancellation of a package tour, including but not limited to issuance and/or cancellation of airline tickets or visa fees.

Tour Cancellation by World Spree

World Spree reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure for any reason, and also has the right to cancel any booking at any time. Upon complete cancellation, World Spree shall refund the full amount paid. Liability for such cancellation is limited only to this full refund; such refund will constitute full settlement with the traveler.

Tour Participants

Although World Spree wants everyone to have an enjoyable time, it unfortunately may occur that some group members can be disruptive to the group. World Spree and their representatives reserve the right to remove any person that is likely to cause danger or distress, or is incompatible with the interests of the group. All expenses to do so will be borne by the passenger.

Itinerary Changes

The world of travel is ever-changing. Therefore, the day-by-day itinerary provided on World Spree is subject to adjustment and change. World Spree will try their best to provide an accurate final itinerary to the traveler approximately two weeks prior to departure date. World Spree pledges to make every effort to follow the tour itinerary precisely; however, unforeseen situations do occasionally occur. If a hotel/cruise ship in the itinerary becomes unavailable, World Spree reserves the right to make a substitution with a hotel/cruise ship of equal standard and quality. There will be no refunds or extra charges for any difference in the cost of those accommodations.

Wildlife Sightings

Please note that some World Spree tours include the opportunity to spot wildlife in its natural environment (e.g. Tigers in Ranthambhore National Park, India). Whilst the itinerary makes reference to animals which are resident in an area, this does not constitute a guarantee of seeing them. The chance of seeing animals in the wild can vary due to a number of factors, many of which are outside of World Spree’s control. Therefore, animal sightings do not form part of our holiday contract, and World Spree is unable to offer any compensation or refund in the event of disappointment at not seeing a particular animal.

River Cruise

Cruise itineraries are subject to change and may be altered specifically, according to various factors such as water levels, port accessibility, weather, navigation, etc.

Add-on Flights

Add-on flights are introduced as an optional service, upon request by the traveler, to facilitate their transportation to the designated gateway city. The add-on air is subject to change and availability by the related airline. Due to the nature and complexity of the add-on flight arrangement, World Spree cannot guarantee and is not responsible for any change to the flight schedule, flight route, airfare and the availability of the flight. Upon receipt of the traveler’s add-on airline tickets, the traveler must phone the related airlines to confirm the flight and request seat assignment. World Spree will not be held responsible for any delayed and/or missed connections.


Shopping is an active part of tourism. Please note that shopping is always a personal matter, and World Spree is not responsible for any purchases made by the traveler during their trip, whether that merchant is part of the scheduled itinerary or not.


Baggage is carried at the passenger's risk. Although every effort is made to handle traveler's baggage carefully, World Spree cannot be responsible, assume liability, or accept claims for loss or damage to baggage and personal effects due to breakage, theft, or wear and tear throughout the trip.

Baggage allowance differs for the international and the domestic sections of the trip. If the traveler exceeds the baggage limits, the traveler may be subject to excess baggage charges assessed by the airlines.

Travelers may review World Spree's Airline Baggage Allowances page, which has information for our various carriers.

Health & Medical Issues

World Spree trips are exciting, active vacations. While there is time to relax, there will also be much to see and do, and excursions may require an extensive amount of walking. Travelers should check with their healthcare provider for up-to-date requirements.

For the latest overseas travel health information such as inoculations, travelers should contact the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by calling them toll-free at 1-888-232-3228 or by visiting their website at

If the traveler has a pre-existing health condition, they are travelling at their own risk. Tour Beyond, Inc. (dba Word Spree) is not liable for any injuries or damages the traveler may suffer relating to such a condition, including without limitation, loss of special equipment, lack of assistance with, or accommodation of special needs, and unavailability of medical assistance or treatment. World Spree is not responsible for the costs of any medical treatment the traveler may require during the trip. Under no circumstances is World Spree responsible for the quality of medical care, or lack thereof, received while on the trip.

High Altitude of Tibet

Tibet has an altitude of 12,000 feet. Travelers should discuss with their doctor if this destination is advisable and medication options to alleviate altitude sickness, especially if they are prone to altitude sickness or have not previously been to high altitudes. At this altitude, almost everyone feels some of the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). These symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, trouble with sleep and lack of energy. Travelers should talk to their doctor about whether the trip to Tibet is advisable for the traveler, and if the traveler should obtain a prescription medication, which can help prevent or treat AMS. While in Tibet, it is recommended that travelers move at a very slow pace.

Catching a cold or cough in Tibet may cause very serious consequences, or even lead to death. If a traveler catches a cold or cough prior to Tibet, they must notify their tour guide to cancel the Tibet portion of their trip because of these very serious consequences. If the traveler catches a cold or cough while in Tibet, they also need to notify their guide so World Spree can evacuate them from Tibet in a timely manner, at their own cost.

High Altitudes

Some of our tours take place at a high altitude. Effects of altitude on the human body begin to appear at 5000 feet above sea level. It is possible that travelers at this altitude (and higher) may experience symptoms of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), also known as altitude sickness. In more serious cases, AMS can progress to High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) or High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE), both which are potentially fatal. It is very important that all travelers are aware of, and able to recognize, signs and symptoms of altitude on their body.

World Spree recommends that all travelers should discuss with their doctor if a destination is advisable, and the medication options to alleviate altitude sickness, especially if they are prone to altitude sickness or have not previously been to high altitudes. Please provide a detailed copy of your travel itinerary to your physician so they may better assist you.

High Altitude of Peru

Some destinations in Peru like Cuzco City, Lake Titicaca and the Colca Canyon are above an altitude of 10,000 feet. Travelers should discuss with their doctor if this destination is advisable and medication options to alleviate altitude sickness, especially if they are prone to altitude sickness or have not previously been to high altitudes. At this altitude, almost everyone feels some of the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). These symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, trouble with sleep and lack of energy.

Hiking Tours

World Spree tours include adventure travel components which include hiking. Before embarking on this type of tour, travelers should check with their personal physician to verify their overall health and fitness.

World Spree reserves the right to exclude any traveler from all or part of a trip without refund if in the reasonable opinion of World Spree, the traveler is unable to complete the itinerary without undue risk to themselves and/or the rest of the group.

Some tours such as the hike up the Dragon Spine Terraces in Guilin, China present not only risks associated with physical exercise, but also risks associated with the optional use of human power transports such as litters (commonly known as sedan chairs). If human power transports are used, they can result in passengers falling or transporters tripping and causing serious injury. While World Spree designs tours with the customer's safety as a paramount concern, World Spree cannot be responsible for the risks associated with strenuous hikes, extended walking episodes and the use of human power transports. By purchasing these tour packages, customers are agreeing to assume these inherent risks associated with strenuous physical exercise and the use of human power transports.

World Spree is not responsible for any costs incurred as a result of medical services or for the quality of medical care received.


It is a documented fact that serious pollution problems exist in regions such as China and India where the smog is more likely to occur in the winter months. If the traveler feels they are travelling to an area where pollution may be an issue, they may want to pack a mask. World Spree cannot predict the pollution level in advance and will adhere to its cancellation policy. If the traveler has a history of respiratory or cardiac problems, they are urged to speak to their doctor to discuss whether a trip to China, especially Beijing, is advisable.

Assumption of Risks

In order to partake of the enjoyment and excitement in their adventure, the traveler is aware that any tour booked with World Spree is not without risks of illness, injury or death, and hazardous activities to all participants. The traveler is required to accept these ricks as their own, which may be caused by forces of nature, animals, insects or flora, the negligence of World Spree, or other persons and companies known or unknown, or of willful or criminal conduct of third parties. The traveler is aware that the destination has different environmental and weather conditions, which may be severe, adverse and/or unpleasant. The traveler is also aware that special equipment, medical assistance or treatment may be limited or unavailable. The traveler hereby assumes full responsibility for any and all risks of illness, injury or death, and accepts the negligence of World Spree. The traveler agrees to hold harmless and release World Spree from claims of third party negligence.

The traveler understands the physical requirements of the activity in which they will partake in, and currently has no known physical, medical or mental conditions which would impair the ability to participate in this tour or their safety in this activity. The traveler assumes full responsibility for all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition. The traveler hereby authorizes World Spree or their local ground handler or others to arrange for hospitalization or any emergency medical treatment as may be necessary, because of participation in this activity without the traveler’s further consent.

Travelers must understand that standards of hygiene, accommodation and transport in countries where some World Spree tours take place are often lower than comparable standards of what the traveler may expect in their home country or region.

Voluntary participation

The traveler acknowledges that they have voluntarily applied to participate on the trip designated on this application (or a trip which they may change to), and that they have read the description of the trip as it appears in the current World Spree catalog, supplements, brochures or website relating to the trip, together with all information contained in this application. The traveler is voluntarily participating in this trip with knowledge of the hazards involved.

Knowing and Voluntary Execution

The traveler has carefully read these Terms and Conditions and the booking information sections of this document, and fully understand its contents. The traveler is aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between themselves and World Spree, and agree of their own free will. By checking the Book this Tour box, the traveler agrees to these Travel Terms & Conditions for themselves, and each member of their traveling party and any minor children accompanying them.


Final documents including air tickets, hotel lists, final tour itinerary, clothing suggestions, reading list, luggage tags and other pertinent information will be emailed approximately two weeks prior to departure unless specified otherwise.

The information in these trip documents have been compiled with care and is provided in good faith. It is subject to change and does not form part of the contract between the traveler and the operator. Due to changes for improvement based on customer feedback and research, the itinerary featured, which is correct at time of printing, may differ slightly to the one presented on the website. This may include changing the order of visits due to weather or adding an additional meal. While these changes may result in tour alteration for the coming year, World Spree’s goal is to provide travelers with the most rewarding experience.

Passport & Visa Requirements

It is the sole responsibility of each traveler to have a passport (valid for at least 6 months after the return date of travel) and obtain any necessary visa and travel documents. For U.S. and Canadian passport holders only, we recommend obtaining your visa through our preferred visa service provider, CIBT (Tel. 866-529-6676). More information about the visa requirements for your trip is available at the 'Trip Planning' page at World Spree website as well as at the Member Area. Travelers who enter, leave and then re-enter the same country on their itinerary should check whether they need a double or even multiple entry visa.

In a case where the traveler is denied a visa or is denied entry to the country, regular cancellation terms apply.

Images and Marketing

From time to time, World Spree will photograph and video tape the tour and tour related activities. All travelers consent to the use of their likeness in World Spree publications without any further obligation to the traveler or compensation payable to such traveler. World Spree may also use full or partial feedback from the traveler for marketing purposes.

California Seller of Travel

Tour Beyond, Inc. is a Registered Seller of Travel in the State of California; the registration number is CST2075458-40. California law requires certain sellers of travel to have a trust account. This business has a client trust account. This business is not a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund.

Legal Responsibility

Tour Beyond, Inc. doing business as World Spree and China Spree acts only as an independent contractor. As a tour operator, Tour Beyond, Inc. organizes and sells tour programs consisting of certain services, including air, surface and water transportation, hotel/cruise accommodations, sightseeing excursions and other package programs that Tour Beyond, Inc. purchases or reserves from various suppliers (herein referred to as "Suppliers"). Tour Beyond, Inc. does not own nor operate any of these Suppliers.

The Suppliers providing travel services for Tour Beyond are all independent contractors, and are not agents, affiliates, or subsidiaries of Tour Beyond, Inc. As such, Tour Beyond, Inc. cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of any Supplier or of any third party.

The passage contracts in use by the Suppliers such as airlines, cruise lines, motor coach lines, rail companies, local land operators, hotels and other travel providers whose services are included in the tour package, when issued, shall constitute the sole agreements between the traveler and such third party suppliers, and are subject to the terms and conditions specified by each individual supplier. The cruise contract in use constitutes the sole agreement between the passenger and the cruise lines, and therefore, the traveler is subject to the terms and conditions of that agreement regarding the cruise ship portion of the tour. Any recourse for problems encountered with these Suppliers must be through the Supplier agreements without liability to Tour Beyond, Inc.

In addition, Tour Beyond, Inc. shall not be in any way liable for any inconvenience, accidents, loss, personal injury or property damage to the traveler or to those traveling with the traveler in the course of the trip, resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions, including but not limited to delays, cancellations, change of schedule, overbooking or downgrading of accommodations, mechanical or construction breakdown, default of any third parties, criminal or terrorist activities, acts of governmental authority, social or labor unrest, hygiene, disease, customs regulations, weather conditions, Acts of God, or any other actions, omissions or conditions that are beyond the control of Tour Beyond, Inc.

Clients must be aware that in the tours, they will experience different living standards and practices outside of their home country including but not limited to standards of quality, hygiene, medical treatment, provision of utilities such as water, electricity, accommodation, food preparations and services of all kinds. In consideration of purchasing a tour and embarking upon travel using the assistance of Tour Beyond, Inc., the traveler understands that Tour Beyond, Inc. is only a facilitator, and that the traveler agrees to assume all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected, or whether directly or indirectly the result of such travel.

Tour Beyond, Inc. reserves the right to change the departure date of any trip, withdraw any tour, alter a tour itinerary, and substitute hotels, airlines, cruise ships, land travel operators and any aspect of the tour package for the convenience of the operation of tours. In the event of cancellation, alteration or substitution of such services due to the operation of the Suppliers, delays, weather, act of government authority or other causes of whatever nature beyond the control of Tour Beyond, Inc., comparable services will be offered; and, there shall be no refund or penalties in this connection. Tour Beyond, Inc. reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as tour member if such person's physical or mental conditions, in Tour Beyond's opinion, impede the operation of the tour. Tour Beyond reserves the right to cancel the tour prior to departure for any reason. Upon complete cancellation, Tour Beyond Inc. shall refund the full amount paid. Liability for such cancellation is limited only to this full refund; such refund will constitute full settlement with the tour member.

Hotel and cruise ship profiles are based upon information provided to Tour Beyond, Inc. by hotels and cruise ships, or their representatives, including images and descriptions of individual properties. Star-ratings may differ from country to country. Tour Beyond, Inc. does its best to maintain current information; however, it is not responsible for any inaccuracies, changes in features or amenities, or images provided by third parties.

Payment of the required deposit constitutes consent to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained herein for all travelers covered by the payment. The General Conditions under which the traveler agrees to utilize the services of Tour Beyond, Inc. in arranging the tours may not be amended in any way except in writing signed by an authorized officer of Tour Beyond, Inc.

Tour Beyond, Inc. reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time, and the customer's continued use of this service will be conditioned upon the Terms & Conditions in force at the time of use.

Tour Beyond, Inc. makes every effort to ensure accuracy on the website and brochure; however, Tour Beyond, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the publications.

Claims & Jurisdiction

All claims against the tour operators must be filed in writing within 30 days after completion of the tour. By utilizing the services of Tour Beyond, Inc., the traveler agrees that the exclusive venue for all claims, actions or proceedings against Tour Beyond, Inc. of whatsoever nature arising out of this contract shall be the State of Washington; and, such claim actions or proceedings shall be determined according to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Washington.

Limitation of Liability

By booking one of these vacation packages, the traveler acknowledges that in all events, Tour Beyond, Inc. shall not be liable for any consequential, psychological or emotional damage, and that the sole extent of liability of Tour Beyond, Inc. shall never exceed the amount actually paid by the traveler to Tour Beyond, Inc.

Trademarks and Copyrights

World Spree is a registered trademark owned by Tour Beyond, Inc. The trademarks, logos, and service marks not owned on behalf of Tour Beyond, Inc. and that are displayed on the Site are the registered and unregistered marks of their respective owners. No rights are granted by Tour Beyond, Inc. to use such marks, whether by implication, estoppels or otherwise. Unless otherwise noted, all materials contained in this site are copyrighted and may not be used without the express permission of the copyright holder. Any violation of the trademark rights, registered or unregistered, or copyrights of Tour Beyond, Inc. may result in legal action.