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Riverview Pavilion Park


China Travel Guide - Chengdu - Riverview Pavilion ParkLocated in Chengdu city of Sichuan Province, and covered with luxuriant forest and bamboo grooves along the bank of Jinjiang River outside the city's eastern gate, Riverview Pavilion Park(or Wangjianglou Park) encompasses an area of 120,000 square meters. Inside the Park, the paths are hedged in by lush bamboos, while the river shore is lined with willows and fenced off by stone rails. The pavilions and halls mirrored in the gleaming river water set each other off. It's a historic site in memory of Xuetao, a female poet of the Tang Dynasty as well as a famous scenic spot.

China Travel Guide - Chengdu - Riverview Pavilion ParkRiverview Pavilion Park, most exquisite and magnificent among its architectures is Chongli Tower. The Tower constructed in the 15th year of Emperor Guanxu' Reign in the Qing Dynasty, has four storeys with a total height of over 30 meters. It is exquisite and beautiful with a square upturned eave on the two lower storeys and an octagonal eave on the upper two storeys, vermilion columns, glazed tiles and gilt cupola. It stands by the side of Jinjiang River, hence the name of the Tower Overlooking the River. Yinshilou (Poem-chanting Tower) built after the tower of Xuetao's lifetime, with spacious rooms on all sides, is silhouetted against the river-side dense bamboo grooves and willows. The group of memorial buildings exquisitely laid out, such as Wuyunxiang Hall, Quanxiang chamber, Pipa pavilion, house a large amount of steles, paintings, calligraphy, inscribed couplets and poems.

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