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Jade Buddha Temple

Wall detail, Jade Buddha Temple
Wall detail, Jade Buddha Temple
  • 170 Anyuan Rd.
  • 021 6266 3668
  • Hanzhong Rd then taxi
  • 8:30am–4:30pm daily

The most famous of Shanghai’s temples, Jufo Si lies in the northwest part of the city. It was built in 1882 to enshrine two beautiful jade Buddha statues that were brought from Burma by the abbot Wei Ken. The temple was originally located elsewhere, but shifted here in 1918, after a fire damaged the earlier structure. After being closed for almost 30 years, it reopened in 1980, and today has some 100 monks. Built in the southern Song-dynasty style, it has sharply curved eaves and figurines on the roof. Its three main halls are connected by two courts. The first hall is the Heavenly King Hall, where the four Heavenly Kings line the walls. The Grand Hall of Magnificence houses three incarnations of the Buddha, while the Jade Buddha Chamber contains the first jade statue – that of a large reclining Buddha. The finer of the two statues, however, lies upstairs. Carved from a single piece of jade, this jewel-encrusted seated Buddha is exquisite. Visitors should note that photography is forbidden here.

Golden Buddhas in the Jade Buddha Temple

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