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Pudong & Jin Mao Building


In the mid-20th century, Pudong, facing the Bund on the other side of Huangpu, was the city's poorest quarter, a squalid huddle of slums and brothels and also the home of the notorious gangster Du Yuesheng or Big-Eared Du. In 1990, it acquired the status of Special Economic Zone, and has since become one of the largest building sites in the world, supposedly festooned with a third of the world's large cranes. The transformation has been remarkable – a forest of skyscrapers has grown out of this run-down backwater as investment poured in. The 1,500-ft (457-m) Oriental Pearl TV Tower offers views across the city from halfway up, and houses the interesting Shanghai History Museum. Pudong is also the site of the 1,379-ft (421-m) Jinmao Dasha, one of the tallest buildings in China, whose 88th-floor observation deck has views down on the Pearl. Both are surpassed by the 1,614-ft (492-m) Shanghai World Financial Center, which has the world's highest hotel and viewing observatory.

Pudong & Jin Mao Building

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