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Xian Dumpling Banquet

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China Travel Guide - Xian Dumpling BanquetDumpling (Jiaozi in Chinese) is a kind of traditional food in northern China and has a centuries-old history. Early 2000 years ago in West Han Dynasty, the dumplings was prevailed in the capital Chang'an (today's Xian). It ranks as three top famous dainties in Xi'an.

Why Dumpling Banquet is full of attraction? First it is because of the changed and exquisite shapes. The appearance is wonderful article excelling nature, some times looks like green fruits, colorful flowers, some times made into lifelike goldfish, refinement pearls, lovely butterflies, mandarin ducks, trumpet shells and so on. As once as you see them, your stomach will be inspired. Then the stuffing is made of delicious of every kind: from fresh vegetables to shark fin and sea pumpkin. Besides, Dumpling Banquetdumpling tastes is various including sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, and salty. In addition the harmonious proportion of these tastes could produce China Travel Guide - Xian Dumpling Banquetthe best flavor. At last cooking techniques include frying, dry-frying, deep-frying, baking, broiling, simmering, steaming, stewing, decocting, braising, boiling, quick-boiling are used according to different stuffing and needed favors.

Dumpling Banquet is divided in to 5 different banquet types, each banquet is made up of 108 categories dumplings with different stuffing, shapes and flavors. Those five banquets are called as Palace Banquet, Eight Treasure Banquet, Dragon (representing the King) and Phoenix (symbolizing the Queen) Banquet, Peony Banquet, Flowers Banquet. The table processing of dumplings is nicely cultured. The fried and decocted ones will go ahead of the braised Dumpling Banquetand stewed. From tastes, first go salty ones, then honey, at last the tingled and hot ones. About the table processing of salty dumplings, there are also refined processes: seafood goes ahead the chicken. After nearly 10 types, the soup of white fungus will come to accommodate the taste. Then again other dumplings types continue to turn up on table. The aftertaste will be infinitude.


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