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Snow Jade Cave


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China Travel Guide - Yangtze River - Snow Jade CaveLocated about eight miles from the new county of Fengdu, the Snow Jade Cave is rated as China's most beautiful by Chinese National Geography.Discovered in the mid-1990's, the cave is over 1,022 miles long. At present, it is the youngest cave discovered in China. Because of its uniqueness and beauty, it has become a popular scenic spot along the Yangtze River as well as serving as a research site for the study of caves.

This Snow Jade Cave is formed from Karst, created around 50,000 years ago but o­nly recently discovered by local farmers. The cave was opened to the public in late 2003. The Snow Jade Cave has a total length of 1.6 kilometers. All visitors to the cave have enjoyed and wondered about those breathtaking formations with the help of colorful lightening to develop o­ne’s imagination greatly.

China Travel Guide - Yangtze River - Snow Jade Cave

The Xueyu (Snow Jade) Cave speleothems are predominantly "white as snow, delicate as jade". The Union of Speleology of the Geological Society of China established China's first cave observation station here. Exquisite and rich in deposits, the Xueyu Cave has the largest-scale and most numerous pointed coral-shaped calcite crystal features.

Chongqing is misty all year round but has little snow and frost, the winter is warm, the summer is hot, the spring comes early and the autumn is short. It has abundant rainfall, especially at the transitional period of spring and summer, the annual average temperature is about 18℃, and the best travel time is spring and winter.


In March 2005, when Professor Elery Hamilton-Smith, Chairman of the Special Cave Working Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources visited the Xueyu Cave, he commented that of all ten thousand caves he had investigated the Xueyu Cave was the most beautiful.

China Travel Guide - Yangtze River - Snow Jade Cave

Three Characters

Most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure as jade making the cave a snow world. 80% of the cave is white, so the cave name, Snow Jade Cave is got.

The stalactite of the Snow Jade Cave grows quickly that can grow 33 millimeters in 100 years. In contrast, in other such kind of caves, the stalactite o­nly develops o­ne millimeter in o­ne hundred years.

The cave houses many spectacular karst formations like the waterfall, the stone hair, stone shield, coral and some animal shaped o­nes. So, the Snow Jade Cave is reputed as the white marble sculpture museum.

Some Unique Facts

Most of the stalactites in the cave are white and pure as jade, hence its name.

Stalactites in the cave grow quickly - thirty-three millimeters in o­ne hundred years in fact. In contract, in other such kinds of caves, the average stalactite o­nly grows o­ne millimeter in a century.

China Travel Guide - Yangtze River - Snow Jade Cave

The cave houses many spectacular and unusual karst formations. These include a waterfall; stone hair; shields; coral and animal shapes. Snow Jade Cave is often referred to as the 'white marble sculpture museum.'

A tourist route over 725 miles has been developed for tourists to visit the cave. The cave is divided into six zones - Celebrity Gathering; Heaven o­n Earth; Update your Life; Northland Scenery; Heavenly Mirage and Bright Future. You will see the so-called 'Four Wonders' here.

The coral tower in the cave is the largest of its kind in the world.

The glittering and transparent King Stone Flag at 26 feet high is the world's tallest and thinnest stone flag.

China Travel Guide - Yangtze River - Snow Jade Cave

The stone shield at 13 feet high is also known as the Snowy Jade Penguin. It is a source of amazement and marvel for many visitors and scholars. Certain groups of stalactites resemble goose necks, some as much as two yards long.


The traffic of the scenic is convenient. You can go there by boat , or you can drive there. Or you can take a bus to Fengdu at Chaotian gate bus station, and then go to Snow jade cave by bus. The ticket is 60 yuan.


It is best to ware a thick coat to enter into the cave, certainly you also can rent the thick clothes there. Enjoying the wonderful sight of the limestone cave needs certain imagination, maybe you will not want to leave there. In addition, there are some places which are not developed, therefore do not travel alone.

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