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    Central China - Zhejiang & Jiangxi
    Secluded path up to the Seal Engravers’ Society pagoda on Gu Shan Island, West Lake, Hangzhou
    Secluded path up to the Seal
    Engravers' Society pagoda
    on Gu Shan Island, West Lake, Hangzhou

    Lying immediately to the south of Shanghai, Zhejiang is bordered by Jiangxi to its southwest. Northern Zhejiang is a vast region of fertile farmland, with canal towns such as the provincial capital of Hangzhou, and lovely Shaoxing. Hangzhou and the great port of Ningbo are the region’s chief industrial and commercial centers. Just off Zhejiang’s coastline are some 18,000 islands, among them the holy shrine of Putuo Shan. The south of the province is rugged and mountainous, with superb scenery at Yandang Shan.

    Landlocked Jiangxi is sparsely populated compared to the rest of Central China. Its northern reaches are a fertile plain watered by Poyang Hu, the largest freshwater lake in China, and the rivers that feed it. Nanchang, the provincial capital, prospered in the 7th century, following the construction of the Grand Canal. With the growth of coastal treaty ports in the mid-19th century, Jiangxi’s economy declined. Later, in the early 20th century, civil strife forced millions into exile. The rugged Jinggang Shan mountains in southern Jiangxi, where most of the fighting took place, are rich in revolutionary associations. To the province’s northeast lie the porcelain town of Jingdezhen and the charming mountain resort of Lu Shan.

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