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Why Spree

The combination of cultural uniqueness, ancient glory, natural wonders and stunning modernization make China Travel an exciting and rewarding adventure. A journey that was once considered challenging and expensive is now not only comfortable but very affordable. China Spree offers you both a culturally enlightening journey and the travel bargains of a lifetime through our China Tours and China Travel packages!

China Spree offers First Class China Travel at Unbeatable Value. And we are so confident of this claim that we stake our reputation on it. We encourage you to shop around, take a look at our competitors and compare our unbeatable value, our choice of accommodations and the overall quality of the experience we provide. Then you will discover why we are America's favorite China tour operator, offering real "trips of a lifetime" and serving thousands of satisfied travelers every year.

First Class China Travel at Bargain Prices

Seasoned travelers shop and compare. We urge you to do so. You will be convinced that China Spree tours not only reflect some of the lowest prices on the market but have proven to be the best value China tours available anywhere.

China Spree Tours is dedicated to offering quality China travel packages at bargain prices. Our China Tours are especially designed for seasoned travelers who are looking for a once-in-a-life-time travel experience and an all-inclusive China tour package that represents the best value for their travel dollar.

Our tours are professionally planned, moderately priced, fully packed and well operated. Quality and customer satisfaction are our #1 priority.

From the beginning, China Spree has offered high quality, all-inclusive China Tours that are low-priced yet crammed with value and extra features (more than any of our competitors). We use only a combination of China's 4 and 5 star hotels. Furthermore we never stop looking for even better hotels in that price range. We deliberately limit our group size for the comfort of our travelers. And our dynamic China tours are escorted by hand-picked tour guides who are experienced and informed. They are considered among the best in the China travel industry.

We provide quality tours at budget prices.

Unbeatable Value for Discerning Travelers

Comparison shoppers are often confused by misrepresentation touted by the least expensive tours on the China travel market. Our goal is not to offer the cheapest tours and, if price is your only consideration, we encourage you to go elsewhere. But if you want a truly outstanding journey that is also extremely affordable then you have come to the right place.

It is a constant challenge to keep a good balance between an affordable journey and an outstanding trip. Our expertise and dedication to crafting the perfect trip guarantee that you will pay less without sacrificing quality. We believe that anyone who travels to China only once in their life-time, deserves a very affordable yet memorable journey, and that's what China Spree provides.

Our China Tours are loaded with features. We overnight at suitable hotels. Our tours are led by better and more-experienced guides. Yet, thanks to the advantages listed above, we can still offer very competitive rates. Compare tours of similar duration and you will see that China Spree offers far more for far less.

Our China Tours are priced less than 95% of U.S. tour operators. Our mission is to make a great China trip commonly affordable to the general public. Our tours might be slightly more expensive ($100 to $200 dollars) than the lowest priced tour operators because we make our travelers' comfort a priority and never trade quality for pricing.

China Spree Tours are particularly designed for those discerning travelers who are able to tell and understand the differences between China Spree Tours and all other tours, and therefore appreciate our travel philosophy and our consistent effort to achieve our goals.

As a matter of fact, most people hear about China Spree tours from word of mouth provided by previous China Spree travelers who recognized the quality and unbeatable value represented by our China tour packages. People who tell their friends about their China experience are our best advertising.

Statistics suggest that most Americans (95%) will experience China only once in a lifetime. For this reason we have created itineraries that cover a lot of ground with a minimum of effort.

First and foremost, our China tours are learning experiences. They visit all the highlights and are packed with attractions, activities, special culinary events, "Cultural Insite" programs and evening shows. In fact, they contain more features than any other similarly priced tours.

Our dynamic tours are most suitable for active travelers who want to see as much of China as possible in a limited time frame. The pace of China Spree tours is brisk but not overly strenuous. We work you very hard - You will be on tour from 8 am through 8 pm nearly every day; but we also understand the value of personal time in which travelers can relax and unwind. That's why we usually arrange a free day at the end of tour in Shanghai.

We Sell Direct and You Save

There are many reasons we beat out our competition. Because of our connections in China and our expertise of China travel, we are better able to serve our customers. We sell our tours direct to our end clients.

We work directly with on-site travel suppliers through our offices in China. Thanks to our volume (thousands of travelers a year) we are able to negotiate exclusive contracts with our local suppliers (hotels, airlines, cruise lines, etc.). And all these savings are passed on directly to you and that is one reason why China Spree tours are so attractively priced.

Outstanding Guides make a Big Difference

One of the greatest advantages of traveling with China Spree is the quality of our China Tour guides. We all know what a crucial role the guides play in our dream vacations. Our expertise affects every level of our operation, right down to the tour guides that stay with your group for the duration of the trip. At China Spree we see our guides as our most valuable resource. Over the years in China, we nurtured and developed a resourceful network of guides. We choose them based on our personal experience with them. Once on board, all of our guides receive additional training before they are allowed to lead China Spree tours. It is with pride that we are able to provide you with the most caring, conscientious and personable guides in the China travel industry. Many other tour operators claim their guides are the best, but few of these operators know the Chinese tour guides as well as we do.

To enhance your travel experience, for any group of more than 10 travelers, we send a national guide who accompanies you throughout the mainland China trip. In addition, local guides are assigned in each city to assist you with local sightseeing.

All our national and local guides are constantly evaluated. Guests fill out a "Trip Evaluation" form upon their return home and we act on this feedback to constantly improve the overall tour quality.

Small Groups, Big Discoveries

Certainly there are cheaper "volume" tours that escort groups of up to 40 people at a time. But all of us at China Spree realize you flew thousands of miles not merely to see China but also to feel it. And that's why we limit our group size to a maximum of 20 plus (usually 10-16) except for "Specials". That way you get the respect you deserve and you will never be ignored and lost in the crowd. From a purely practical standpoint, smaller groups can also go to places and enjoy special events that are simply inaccessible to the larger ones.

Travel with the Expert

China Spree knows China inside and out. It's all we do and we do it with great passion. All of our key staff members have at least 15 years experience escorting Americans around China. Over this time we have nurtured and established strong connections with Chinese tourism authorities and local agencies, and developed our own network of tour guides.

Thanks to our tour volumes, China Spree maintains exclusive contracts with China tour vendors, guaranteeing the best possible rate on the market. Because of our extensive knowledge, we maintain direct control over the quality of our tours and tour guides.

Very few of our competitors have an office in China like we do. This enables us to maintain close ties with suppliers, leading to more in-depth planning and, in turn, a richer "local" experience for our guests.

Our local presence in China has benefits beyond choosing tour guides and receiving up-to-date tour information. Because we are able to bypass the middleman, our clients are able to receive pertinent assistance in a timely manner both before and while they travel.

In contrast, most tour operators who serve clients in the U.S. and Canada can only contract their tours to their Chinese partners who in turn subcontract to local agencies in each city. In the process, these companies often lose effective control over the quality of their tours.

There is really no substitute for the depth of experience we exhibit when operating tours to far-away and exotic countries like China. We succeed because we know how.

Valuable Consumer Protection

We know you are investing your trust, money and time with China Spree and we have gone to great lengths to protect that investment.

China Spree Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tour Beyond, Inc., a licensed "Seller of Travel" in both Washington State and in California. All deposits of customer funds are placed into a business Trust Account. Withdrawals are made in compliance with the "Seller of Travel" regulations RCW19.138.140 for the State of Washington and 17550.15 for the State of California.

As an active member of the American Society of Travel Agents Tour-operator Program (ASTA TOP) we are required to hold a $1 million Certificate of Travel Protection for use in reimbursing consumer deposits in case of bankruptcy or cessation of business.

China Spree (Tour Beyond, Inc.) is also an active member of BBB (the Better Business Bureau), a private, non-profit organization that aids consumers by supplying live reports on the reliability of companies.

Exclusive Culture Insite Program

A memorable journey to China must go beyond just sightseeing. Our unique China tour programs are particularly focused on cultural exposure and people-to-people interactions. The depth of your experience is greatly enhanced through our exclusive culturally enriching programs.

We offer you up-close, in-depth contact with local traditions and customs, and give you an insider's perspective into the hidden treasures of the Middle Kingdom.

Travel to Learn vs. Leisure Vacation

China Spree Tours are not particularly designed for those who are looking for relaxing holidays in China. We strive to provide more of a cultural journey, an adventure, instead a getaway; a learning experience rather than an escape.

In tune with this approach, we designed our China journey for those who would like to discover this great culture with flexibility and an open mind, and for those who would like to work together with us to achieve this goal.

Our Standards for China Hotel/Cruise Selections

At China Spree, we strive to offer an overall quality travel experience with clean, comfortable hotel accommodations including a good breakfast and preferably ideal locations.

The star-rating system for Chinese hotels is very confusing. Once a hotel obtains the star-rating, it never loses it. Many popular hotel review sites do not offer accurate reviews. The entire system is almost impossible for a foreigner to understand. Hotels, even with the same star-rating, can be vastly different. Often you may end up on a shabby floor at a five-star hotel or at an actual three star hotel with 4-star rating, or at a five star hotel 30 miles away from the city, etc.

Our principle is, if we don't want to stay at a hotel ourselves we would never put our clients there. We constantly review hotels in China and make at least four inspection trips every year. Our goal is to offer our travelers the best possible hotels with the best possible locations for that price-range; Due to our tour volumes we can largely guarantee suitable hotels. And our selection is getting better every year.

The fact is that foreign travelers never know what kind of hotel they will end up with until they check in. So, they have to rely largely on the tour company who picks the hotels for them. China Spree avoids substandard hotels at all costs. With us, there will never be any unpleasant surprises at check-in time.

While we would rarely spend $200 for a hotel in Beijing or Shanghai, we would without hesitation pay $250 plus for a hotel - mainly for the locatio- in Hong Kong where your hotel is perfectly positioned for your free day and independent exploration of the main attractions and shopping sites.

The truth is you choose a tour company and then see China through their eyes. By traveling with China Spree you are guaranteed to gain an up-close perspective of what we consider to be the best and most exciting aspects of this unique country.